The Mouse Amulet

The Mouse Amulet

Throughout History the Mouse's ability to deal quickly and skillfully with new situations has earned it its resourceful image.

The Mouse Amulet
The Mouse Amulet and Charms. How the Resourcefulness and Intuitive Powers of the Mouse Amulet Can Help Guide Us Through the Maze of Life.

Mice are very practical, adaptable and modest and they are experts at conserving things. These are helpful skills to possess and can reap lots of benefits in the planning and pace of everyday life. Mouse Amulets are created with a purpose of seizing the imaginative practicality of the Mouse's spirit and influential guidance. These particular amulets generally offer more in the way of life navigating and coping assistance rather than protection qualities. The Mouse is considered weak in body but exceptionally strong in mind with a clever quick thinking and problem solving capability. Wearing a Mouse Amulet can help you tune into these thought processes to help organize your life to be less stressful and more productive.

The Navajo Indians feature the Mouse on their sacred medicine wheel in the southern section and associate it with healing. This quarter of the wheel deals with principles of new beginnings and is believed to have a link with Mother Nature. This makes sense in the fact that the Mouse has a close association with the Earth and making use of and feeding off the resources of the land. This relationship with alleviating ailments usually makes a Mouse Amulet a suitable option for those people seeking a soothing rejuvenating effect. Mice are also symbolic of high fertility and abundance so a Mouse Amulet can assist those who wish to start a family or add to their brood. In Europe throughout the ages and in many cultures the sighting of a White Mouse was taken as a sign of impending happiness.

The Scottish tale of The Mouse and the Douglas-Fir Cone is a good example to demonstrate this creature's intuitive ingenuity. It tells of a Mouse who lived in day to day fear of a sly Fox who he had managed to evade for a long time. One day the Fox caught up with the Mouse and began to chase him through the forest. Looking frantically for a hiding place the Mouse scurried inside a Fir cone just big enough to conceal him. The Fox could not see him anywhere and so gave up his hunt. It is said that the Douglas- Fir Cone has what appears to be the Mouse's hind legs and tail sticking out from it as the Mouse is still hidden inside. This story shows the Mouse's intense natural talents of resourcefulness in times of need. A Mouse Amulet is believed to provide us with a reminder to be always aware of the resources surrounding us and to know when to draw upon them.

Much of the Mouse's perceived character can be derived from the famous fable teller Aessop and his moralistic stories. One such story is about a Mouse who begged for his life when caught by a Lion who was about to eat him. In return for sparing him the Mouse declared he would afford the Lion the same generosity. The Lion laughed as he could not imagine how a creature so tiny could possibly help him. He found out some time later when he was ensnared in a trap and the Mouse came to his rescue by gnawing away the ropes that restricted his escape. The moral of this tale is that even the strong sometimes need the friendship of the weak. Another fable concerns the Town Mouse and his Country Cousin who came to visit but soon fled when he realized that there were Dogs in the house. This particular story is meant to teach us that what appears better is not always so.

A Mouse Amulet benefits from the strong senses and foresightedness of this animal spirit to teach us to be unafraid of the unknown. When choosing an amulet for directional insight you may be naturally drawn towards a Mouse Amulet. This is because all the animal influenced spirits are assumed to be 'messengers' to guide us on the paths leading to wisdom. The Mouse shows us the way by its inquisitive versatility and its ease of cooperation with others. If you dream of Mice it is thought to indicate that you need to concentrate and focus on the finer details of a situation. The Mouse pays great attention to detail and likes to explore all the possibilities of things. They can easily accept changes and adapt accordingly. A Mouse Amulet's energy can help direct a person to be a little more flexible in their thoughts and actions and so more open to new ideas.

The ancient Egyptians appeared to have a high respect for the Mouse as there is proof of their existence as pets. During archeological digs a large number of tiny bowls have been found decorated with colored mice. These people believed that the Mouse was created and born from the mud of the River Nile and so possessed curative, healing and supernatural powers. The Mouse Amulet can often provide the required energies and positive thought required to help the healing process both physically and emotionally. If someone feels that they have lost their way or are disappointed or confused in the maze of life an amulet in the Mouse's image can help redirect positivity. One of their most beneficial properties is inducing clarity and organization of the mind. This can be especially useful to prepare for relaxation or when making decisions on life direction.

Like most animal spirited objects the Mouse Amulet's power can be increased to be more effective in certain areas

. Without any additional influences amulets work perfectly well but if there is a specific need for enlightenment they may be enhanced. The addition of candles, incense, crystals and herbs have all been noted to deflect and refocus the energy of a Mouse Amulet. These creatures are extremely virile and fertile and this identifies the Mouse Amulet as one of the favorites chosen for fertility wishes. The overriding message of these spirit guides is for us to make sure we do not overlook the obvious answers when negotiating the labyrinth of life's journey. With the Mouse as your escort in amulet form you can be assured of an well guided route while working happily with those around you.

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