The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles

Some tarot interpreters have trouble agreeing on the meaning of The Nine of Pentacles card, but due to the neutral facial features on the woman in the picture, this card is generally thought to be at least mildly negative in meaning.

The Nine of Pentacles
The Nine of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The woman is surrounded by so many riches and so much luxury yet she is not overjoyed and in this case seems to be somewhat bored with her situation. She looks on at the rare bird in her hand with almost a look of dissatisfaction. She has become too comfortable with her luxury, and this is what it implies for you if you happen to find this card in your spread.

Finding The Nine of Pentacles card in the romance section of your spread usually implies that you do not appreciate your partner enough. Despite how much they continue to dote on you, you do not return your affection with even near the amount of enthusiasm and veracity that they do. This basically means that you have been taking your lover for granted. Despite all of the great things that they do for you, you have not been able to enjoy them as you should have. Perhaps try to appreciate just how much they sacrifice for you and all that they do for you. Maybe try taking some time apart from them to see how much you miss their presence, if at all.

Seeing this card in the career section of your tarot spread means that you probably have a pretty great job, but cannot enjoy it the way you should. Perhaps you have had the silver spoon in your mouth a little too long, or maybe you have been doing your awesome job for so long that you forgot what it felt like to have an awful one. Take the same cues from the romance section, try taking a day off from your job and doing a different one. If you work at a law firm, try being a janitor. It will teach a bit of humbleness and humility and remind you that you should really appreciate all your blessings.

Seeing the nine of pentacles in the area of the tarot spread that deals with personal wealth is what it is normally associated with. It shows that you have about all the money you need to live a very luxurious life, and even more. Despite this great wealth though, you are not able to appreciate it the way someone else might. This could be because you didn’t have to work for it or because you have simply grown to have distaste for it. If you really can’t appreciate your surroundings, try giving some away. That would help someone else, and teach you how good your position really is.

When this card finds its way into the health and happiness segment of your tarot spread this is often the most dangerous because it means you are taking your own happiness for granted. You simply do not care to gratify yourself in any way. This could lead to severe depression if you cannot find anything in life to enjoy, or anything that you believe is worth working for.

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