The Page of Swords

The Page of Swords

The page of swords is the card of a decisive person.

The Page of Swords
The Page of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

People look to the page for leadership in hard times, and there is always an answer from the page to every problem. This is a person who is not only swift to make decisions, but is not afraid to move on with their decisions unquestioningly. This is the opposite of a coward, someone who acts without fear. However, this card also implicates someone who is a nosy type and likes to spy into the business of others when they are not wanted.

This card relates to the area of a spread that has to do with romance in that the person is very sure of themselves but not sure of the partner. This card will show up here for people that are questioning their partner’s motives in the relationship. Wondering whether or not they really love you is a common question that you might have in your mind. You will go to great lengths to find out whether they do love you or not, even violating their privacy when they are unaware of it. As long as you are not caught, you will probably continue doing this activity, but it will not be good for you ultimately.

The page of swords is also a card that can apply well to money issues. When this card appears where your monetary fortune is told, it means that you are a great decision maker with money. You know exactly how much you have and how much you can afford to spend on yourself while still having the bills taken care of. This is an important quality in a person and will lead you far in life. Make sure not to be too curious about the funds of others though. Even though we are in an age where privacy is shunned, some matters should still remain private.

The page of swords is a card that is indicative of leadership qualities when it is applied to your working life. Here the card means that you are a natural leader in the work place. When someone has a question about some aspect of their job, you are the one that they approach first because you have the most confidence. Even if there is someone that has more expertise in a subject, you will always be desirable over them because of how sure of yourself you are. You know what it takes to stay in your leadership role and are not afraid of the responsibilities.

When this card appears in the life and health section of your tarot spread it means you are a person that is actively concerned with their health and has the self discipline to really take care of their bodies. You get a great joy out of taking care of yourself and about leading others into healthy choices too. If you were a religious person, you would be great at being a minister if you so chose, but any point of leadership is a good place for you.

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