The Panther Amulet  and Talisman

The Panther Amulet and Talisman

The Panther is a magnificent creature with a powerful presence and is symbolic of an intuitive and highly protective power.

The Panther Amulet  and Talisman
The Panther - Powerful Protective Guardianship of the Panther Amulet and its Ancient and Modern Uses and Benefits.

In mythology these felines symbolize facing and embracing the unknown and are thought to carry guardian energy. The Panther is ferocious and valiant and believed one of the most powerful of all the animal spirits. A Panther Amulet naturally infused with this animal's essence is envisioned to be a dynamic effective protection when worn or displayed. As a guide and especially as a protector they offer a strong and comforting positive influence. The Greek God Zeus had the highest respect for the Panther and assigned it the task of guarding his beloved young Cow named Io. When the Panther died the grateful deity is rumored to have taken its eyes and incorporated them in the colorful feathers of a Peacock.

During the First Dynasty in ancient Egypt the earliest recognized feline like Goddess was called Mafdet. She was described as a woman with the head of a cheetah but was commonly referred to as The Panther Goddess. Also known as Maftet or Mefdet this female deity was thought to be a black Panther from ancient illustrations and the guardian of deceased Royals. In more recent times the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb uncovered over 30 wooden statues and 2 of them feature Panthers. They are both exactly the same and depict Tutankhamen steeping onto the back of a black painted Panther. This is imagined to represent the Pharaoh regenerating or rejuvenating but little else is known about this burial Panther Amulet. It does however show the Egyptian people's continued respect for the spirit guardianship of the Panther throughout these periods.

To the North and South American Indians the Panther's running, climbing and swimming abilty betters the Tiger's. They consider the Panther to be associated with magical powers and so to be respected and feared. Tucano Indians living in the Amazon symbolized the Panther as the God of Darkness who swallowed the Sun during eclipses. These early people and societies often wore primitive Panther Amulets like simple jewelry or arm bands but mostly this animal was depicted in totem or statuette type form. The extinct Erie tribe of Indians were known as Yenresh and are probably the oldest tribal reference to the Panther. Erie means 'place of the Panther' and this society is recalled as 'the Panther Nation'. The history and mystic image of the Panther appears to be as old as the very first settlers existence in this land.

If when choosing an amulet you are strangely attracted to the Panther Amulet it is usually an indication of

needing encouragement. The strength of a Panther Amulet can help us acknowledge and understand our emotions and desires in life. The appearance of a Panther is said to be a sign to start a new phase and begin following your dreams. This animal's spirit teaches us to look deep inside and get to know ourselves better. It is associated with the powers of the night and has a connection to shadows directing us to consider all sides to our personality. A person with an interest in discovering their personal strengths and weaknesses will find the Panther's spirited companionship useful. His message is to look further than your first thoughts and not be afraid to use your instincts and be open minded.

In ancient Greece the God of the Grape Harvest was Dionysis and he was characterized as riding on, or taking the form of, a Panther. The Greek priests that honored him were told as wearing Panther skins as robes as they considered this creature one of the deity's favorite and most trusted mounts. By donning the skin of the Panther, or Pantera or Pantere as it was sometimes known, they were assumed to be protected from harm and capable of higher thought processes. In Rome the Panther was introduced from Africa and much admired for its beauty, intelligence and sleekness. The Romans employed them in the Arena for inclusion in public displays and to take part in games. A collection of Panther Amulets, mosaic pieces, statues and wall paintings found from these eras portray this beast as being favored and respected.

In German heraldry history the Panther is displayed as having cows ears, four horns and a bright red and fiery tongue. This depiction is sometimes known as the Panther Incensed and can also be found in Croatia in the city of Cres. Here it stands for valor and is the official coat of arms with flames emerging from its ears and mouth. This acts as a kind of Panther Amulet as the blazes of fire are meant to signify the arousal of his courageous spirit and the sweet aroma and influence of his breath. This is a strong representation of strength and bravery also utilized on occasion by the English King Henry VI and a few other important representatives of the House of Lancaster. In medieval times and folktales a Panther slept in a cave for 3 days after feasting and emerged roaring. His sweet smelling breath from lack of food was believed to ward off everything around giving another reason for its protective symbolism.

Owning a Panther Amulet allows an insight into the borders of our awareness letting us see and perceive things in more depth. They make effective protective influences for modern day use as they do not require any special treatment. The Panther Amulet just needs to be kept clean for it to be able to release its spirit energies and tune in to its owners individuality. The Panther is mindful of its movements and never takes or eats more than it needs. The wearing of a personal amulet in its image can stimulate the wearer into monitoring their own physical actions and emotional responses. It may also remind them, in the pursuit of their wishes not to satisfy their need in excess. A Panther Amulet concentrates on nurturing our internal emotional strength. Like all animal spirit amulets its power is increased by concentration and positive thinking.

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