The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups

The interpretation of The Queen of Cups card is that the person that has drawn it is a person of extreme integrity.

The Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

They are very responsible and more compassionate than the average person. This does not have the same maternal connotations as the queen of pentacles might, but more of a general benevolence towards all. This person is not only virtuous, but has a totally clean conscience. If you get this card, you are not just the type of person that keeps away from all of your vices for your own good; you are the type of person that keeps away from the vices because you do not enjoy any of them.

Seeing the queen of cups card in the area that represents romance is a sign of true love. It shows that you would be willing to do just about anything for your partner as long as it does not compromise your morals. You will always remain faithful to them because it would be unthinkable not to, and you are essentially the partner that everyone wishes they could have and could be. You have taken on a position as a role model and need to make sure to fill this position responsibly and maturely, but you probably will because that is just the type of person you are at heart.

When you find this card in the career section of your tarot reading, it means that you are highly motivated and always participate in the most virtuous business practices. You do not take any shortcuts in your methods and you always make sure that the customer is satisfied before you continue on to assist the next one. Even if it is at great personal loss to you, you would go out of your way to make sure that you get done what you believe needs to get done in order for you to have a more harmonious working space.

This fortune, as applied to your monetary fortune means that you are generous with your money if you know it is going to a good cause. You are probably the type of person that likes to donate to charity a lot and feels genuinely better about themselves when they do it. You do not even need the thanks of others in order to validate yourself. Money is just another tool for you to help touch the lives of others.

When you see this card attributed to the health and happiness section of your tarot spread, what this means is that your greatest form of happiness comes from helping others in whatever way you can. You feel more fulfilled at the end of the day knowing that you were able to help someone that was in need of assistance. You also know how to take care of yourself. You probably do not drink, do drugs, or smoke, and make sure to keep to a regular exercise routine also. You display much maturity and wisdom in knowing how to take care of yourself.

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