The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands

According to most interpretations, The Queen of Wands figure is that of pure motherhood and womanhood and all that is good about female kind.

The Queen of Wands
The Queen of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

In addition to that, the fire symbolism such as the sunflower, the lions, and the Desert Mountains in the background go towards emphasizing her passion. She is a passionate character in all aspects of womanhood, but even if the subject that drew the card is not a woman, everyone has feminine qualities. The queen of wands can also apply in a more general sense to passion and directness as well as a spontaneous nature in anyone despite their gender.

The meaning of the queen is a very instinctual one, but what happens when she is seen in a spread, find out by reading on. When she is found in the love area of a spread this will generally indicate that a renewal of passion in the relationship is coming soon. In order for this renewal to occur, you will need to be more spontaneous, do things that your significant other might not have expected from you in order to get his or her attention. Be direct. Do not be afraid to tell them that you love them or to express your true feelings on anything and to express them to the greatest extent possible. If you love them, don’t just show them, don’t just tell them, do both, and do them to your maximum capacity.

If this is to show up in the money section of your fortune then it means that you are going to need to be more honest with yourself about your spending habits. You need to think of all of the consequences that could occur from over spending and from buying things that you don’t really need. But at the same time you also need to be willing to not hesitate too much. In other words, know what you are limited by financially but do not let these things rule you. Take chances on things if you must, and be ready to deal with what occurs when you have overspent.

Seeing this card appear on the career related segment of your spread means that you need to be willing to make decisions with assurance in the work place. You need to have confidence that your ability to do your job and to direct the work of others is proportionate to the work that you will be doing. Do not be afraid to take charge of situations when you feel like you know what needs to be done, and do not prevent yourself from helping by sabotaging your own sense of self worth.

Finally, when this appears on the health related portion of your spread then this card means that you need to have a new passion for things that make you happy. You may have settles into a complacent point in your life. Not quite depressed but not quite pleased with the course of your life. Do not settle for this. You deserve better. Go out and seize the day.

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