The Ram symbol for Talismans and Charms

The Ram symbol for Talismans and Charms

There are numerous mythical tales associated with the Ram and many of them link this creature with a respected God.

The Ram symbol for Talismans and Charms
The Ram - Symbolic Representations of the Ram Throughout the Ages that have Contributed to the Significance of the Ram Amulet.

In Celtic mythology the deity Cernunnos was said to often have by his side the assistance of a snake with a Ram's head. He was also referred to as being a horned God and was seen by the Celts as a powerful symbol of renewal. Scandinavian fables tell of Thor the God of Thunder who favored Rams and entrusted them to pull his chariot. In Greece the mighty Zeus was described as utilizing a purple Ram's fleece to keep his stone throne warm. He was also chronicled as drawing upon the powers of the Ram's coat to magically produce rain during droughts. Many of the artifacts uncovered from these ancient civilizations have contained imagery, pottery, ritual tools and a fine collection of protective Ram Amulets.

The annual flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt was regarded as exceptionally important for fertile growth. Amun was the God that they worshipped in order to initiate the rains to flood this life force river. This deity connected to creation had the horns of a Ram to symbolize his authority and importance. In Babylonian stories Ea or Enki is the God of Water and Wisdom, he was written about as 'Lord of the sweet waters that flow under the Earth'. This deities symbol of power was a Ram's head. In Hinduisim the God of Fire Agni is considered very knowledgeable and one of the guardians of direction. For his travels he makes use of the Ram's strength. In these periods of time Water and Fire were regarded as essentials and the Gods providing them were highly honored. Ram Amulets to evoke the spirit of the Ram were popular for protection, abundance and to promote healing.

The Roman tale of Hermes and the Golden Fleece reinforces the magical qualities attached to image of the Ram. In the story Nephele who was a cloud nymph enlisted the help of Hermes to rescue her two children who were imprisoned by their stepmother. Hermes created a beautiful Golden Ram to help them escape which they did but sadly only the boy Phrixus survived. He gave the Gold coated Ram to King Aietes in the land of Kolchis where he found sanctuary. He hung the Golden Fleece of the Ram in the Garden of Ares before it was taken by Jason and the Argonauts for its magic properties. In Rome at this time a Ram Amulet was usually worn as a sign of virility and for its protection value from the evil eye. Male children were given amulets at 9 days old and they could not be removed until they were considered a citizen of Rome at the age of 16.

In West Africa an ancient ceremony is performed in recognition of the return of the rains and in honor of the Ram and it is known as Ebune. Ram Masks are worn during the performance that feature a white line down the middle. Ram's horns are made into amulets to supply strength and motivation for journeying from one life phase to the next. Sometimes the tips of the Ram's Horns are dipped with color for added energies. Red tips are for the representation of blood and to generate assertive action while Yellow indicates change and is linked to healing. The horns of this much admired animal for use as a Ram Amulet will be naturally fully animated with its spirit force and fearlessness. If you are particularly drawn to a Ram Amulet it may be that you are in need of a strong motivating influence in your life.

If you are born under the Western zodiac sign of Aries you may also be curiously attracted to a Ram Amulet. This is because the symbol for this astrological sign is a Ram and individuals with birthdays at this time are thought to acquire some of this creature's characteristics. An Aries person is typically energetic, enthusiastic, courageous personality bestowed with quick wit. This star sign is associated with the element of Fire and ruled by the planet Mars it is the first of the 12 birth signs. You do not have to be an Aries to benefit from the protection and guidance of a Ram Amulet as their animal spirit is dynamic and suited to anyone. A Ram Amulet is meant to awaken our energies and help us realize our strengths. Ram Amulets are a symbol of regeneration thought to encourage determination and attract good luck to their wearer.

Italian folktales of old strengthen the Ram's significant image of being a highly virile creature. Their horn, or corno, of the Ram was taken as a symbol of sexually potency and Ram Amulets were focused on to encourage fertility. They were also discovered in ancient tombs in this country made from bronze and bone and thought to signify the burial of someone considered full of virility. If a person dreams of a Ram it is often interpreted as meaning that they may need to invest more time in a certain relationship. If you dream that you hold the Ram's horns in your hands it is thought to be a signal that you are heading for success in your career. The Ram's presence in amulet form represents a spirited message of your unique potential and can offer a high degree of positivity and inner confidence.

In the Philippines the Malay tribe are believed to have a special Ram Amulet that they take with them while climbing. Their Ram Amulets are carried with the strong belief that the protective sure footed spirit of the Ram will keep them safe from falling. In ancient and modern times the Ram Amulet has been crafted in many variations and has had a variety of uses. The faith in a Ram Amulet along with a person's positive thinking has earned it a reputation for being an effective personal protector. The Ram is identified with the March equinox following the end of the Winter season so it is correlated with the return of the Sun. Acquiring a Ram Amulet at any time of year can create a new sense of fresh beginnings. Wearing it for the first time can help us decide to start to reorganize our life to be less stressful and more fun.

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