The Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles

The meaning of The Six of Pentacles card is about gratification through giving to others.

The Six of Pentacles
The Six of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

It is suggested that the person giving out the money is a merchant, therefore a person with a decent amount of disposable wealth who finds happiness in giving his wealth to others. Thus, when this card is received by someone and placed in a certain area of the tarot spread, it means that in that area of life they are self sacrificing and giving. Of course the card also implies that the person will stick well to their responsibilities because it is impossible to give money to everyone, so it means they must work doubly hard to give.

If this card is received and place in the area that has to do with love and relationships, then this usually means that you are a giving lover. You would prefer that your partner is pleased before yourself because in the end, their happiness makes you happier. For example, if you wanted to go to a steak house for dinner and they would rather go to the new Chinese buffet restaurant, you will always go with their decision because no matter how important your choice was to you, it is more important that you make sure that they are happy.

If you receive this card in the area that deals with money, then this is pretty self explanatory. Helping yourself and buying nice things is secondary than providing for everyone else in your life for you. It would bring you much more pleasure to buy your son the latest game system than to buy yourself a new purse even though yours is falling apart. Of course you will invest in the necessities, but what truly makes you happy is doing nice things for others with your money. Just make sure that in the end you still have enough to provide for yourself.

When you see this card in the area that deals with your career, this usually means that you do not mind taking over for others at work. You are the type of person that people will always ask to take over a shift for them, and rather than being a doormat or being too weak to say no, on the contrary, you would never think of saying no. You would prefer to work for them and help them out. If someone is overwhelmed with work and you have a moment to spare, you will help them do their job too. This will get you far in the office and lead to many promotions as well as just happier and better natured people surrounding you.

This card as applied to physical health means that you enjoy giving and doing for others so much that you feel physically better after completing a task for someone else. This may come in the form of a warm spot in the pit of your chest, after having done something really kind for someone, or it could be that if you are ill, you feel physically less sick after giving to someone else. It is a rare kind of person with this kind of passion for other human beings. Cultivate it, because it is unique.

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