The Star, Tarot Card

The Star, Tarot Card

In some interpretation the body of water in the image on the card is said to represent the universal while the land is supposed to represent the worldly.

The Star, Tarot Card
The Star, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

In other interpretations, the body of water represents the subconscious while the land represents the conscious aspects of life. The lady depicted on the card is a spirit that has been sent to renew both. Basically, the card represents a duality of perspectives, and this definition of the star card becomes especially relevant when applied to the interpretations of the card as a placement on a four point spread.

When used on a four point spread, if the star card is placed on the area involving romance and relationships, this can mean several things. It is because the star comes directly after the devil card that it is known to signify a moment of renewed hope or more importantly, of inspiration. The star can also indicate that we are finally closer on our paths to finding enlightenment. If you have been searching for something really romantic to do for your loved one, or have been trying to find some inner truth about your current relationship, then the star card might be shown in order to let you know that you are closer to reaching your ultimate goal in finding out the information.

If this happens to show up in the part of the four point spread which has to do with money and finances, then it could be that you are close to learning a new investing secret, or that you are beginning to uncover an understanding about money in general that you never had before. Perhaps you will appreciate or lose appreciation for money in the months to come. Whatever leads to more happiness is best for you.

If the star card appears on the part of your four point spread that deals with career oriented goals, then this may mean that you have reached a new understanding of your career and your company. This could lead to future profits, or if it is something that increases your usefulness to the company overall, then it could lead to a promotion as well. In fact, this could even be something entirely different. You could be seeing the star card here because soon you will be taking on a totally new career. Maybe your epiphany will tell you that you have been in the wrong career all along and would flourish in a different study. Be ready for anything.

If the star card is found to be present in the area of the four point spread that deals with health and happiness, then this could mean great things. Because the health and happiness has to do with the most physical aspects of yourself, and the card has to do with the most subconscious, seeing the card in this area could mean that you have attained a level of self awareness of your own emotions and thinking habits that many people spend a long time searching for. You have become aware of the core of yourself.

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