The Strength, Tarot Card

The Strength, Tarot Card

Strength actually takes on a different meaning in tarot than it usually has when it is thought of under other circumstances.

The Strength, Tarot Card
The Strength, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

While people associate strength with physical prowess, the truth is that strength in tarot is used to mean more of a self discipline. In most depictions the character on the card is either shown breaking through a stone pillar, or subduing a creature of great strength usually a lion. The lion or the pillars are usually both used to mean mental blockages such as the id, or that which is normally hard for people to control. A better name for the strength card might be temperance.

While the strength card shares no formal relation to the chariot card, it has a lot of the same ideas behind it when attempting to use it to interpret its placement on a spread. In a tarot spread, if the strength card were to show up in the area dealing with financial issues, this would mean that you needed to keep a level head because times were about to get rough. You have the strength to control the situation, but you need to use it in order to succeed, and whether you use it or not, is all up to you. The chariot would mean something very similar in this situation and all others, that you are about to come to crisis soon enough, but as long as you persevere, you will pull through.

If the strength card were to be pulled in relation to romance and relationships, this would probably suggest that you are dealing with some sort of difficulty in your romantic life, and that you will need to pull all of your mental faculties together in order to resist temptation and to resist losing control. The strength card is all about maintaining control, but not in the same sense as the emperor card, because the strength card symbolizes self control. Perhaps you have been having fights recently where you have been too insulting or unfair. Do not let these inclinations towards outburst get the better of you. Try to keep a level head to keep you and your partner happy in the future.

If you were to draw the strength card for the spot in a tarot spread that symbolizes health and happiness, this would usually mean they you need to have some self control in relation to your physical vices if you want to get healthier. If you can’t quit cold turkey, have one less cigarette a day than you normally would, or drink one less beer. Instead of a burger, have a carrot. This will lead you well on the way to a swift recovery as long as you take care of yourself and don’t lose sight of what you really want out of life.

If you manage to draw this card for the career section, then this means you may have to put up with some job duties that you do not find fun or entertaining, but in the end this will be to your benefit. Try not to get too angry that your boss is giving you too many jobs. In the end, this will be the best for you.

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