The Temperance, Tarot Card

The Temperance, Tarot Card

Temperance, much like strength, stands for a form of self control, but is more specific than strength and usually applies to a more specific part of life.

The Temperance, Tarot Card
The Temperance, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

If the temperance card appears in any of the locations on the layout of a normal four point spread, each of these can be accordingly interpreted as an area of your life in which you need to have moderation or hold yourself back from certain things. Make sure to truly evaluate what you have too much of when you get the temperance card. The following will be a good idea of what each of the meanings of finding the temperance card may be on a four point spread.

If you were to come across the temperance card on a four point spread, this would usually mean that whatever area it falls on is an area of your life in which you need to practice a bit of moderation. If it falls under the love and relationships area of a spread, then this usually means that something in this area needs moderation. Perhaps you are too overbearing on your partner or require too much of their time. In the end it might be better for you and for your partner to spend a bit more time apart. Take up a hobby, or go out with friends more often. If not in a relationship, then temperance might be telling you that you need to stop dating so frivolously and focus on finding someone that is right for you.

If temperance were to show up on the money area of a four point spread, then this means you will have to stop spending so frivolously if you want to avoid going into major debt. Try not purchasing things that you know will lead to even more debt in the future, or try to get yourself a piggy bank and save up some change from all of your transactions. You need to find a way to save more money than you spend, or you could be on your way to financial ruin.

If you happen to find the temperance card showing up on the career section of your tarot spread then this may mean that you are too concerned with your job. Perhaps you are spending too much time there and just need to take a break. Find a balance between your normal life and your work .You will need to attain this balance in order to function better and have a better quality of life.

If you find the temperance card located on the area of the spread which has to do with your health and happiness, then the meaning is quite obvious, you are spending too much time and energy on trying to maintain cheap thrills. Either that, or you are putting your health in jeopardy by consuming too many of the world’s poisons. Try to limit how many harmful foods and products you consume on a daily basis if you are interested in maintaining your health.

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