The Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles

Despite the confusing picture of a man that is apparently guarding a nobleman on the front, and pentacles which are arranged according to Kabbalistic beliefs, the meaning of The Ten of Pentacles card relates to family matters and success within the family.

The Ten of Pentacles
The Ten of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

Not only that but some experts say that it has something to do with personal wealth in a more positive sense. All around it is a perplexing card and one which many still seem to be unsure of today.

When The Ten of Pentacles manages to make its way into the relationship area of your spread, when attempting to read someone’s fortune, then this usually has its roots more in the family related definition. The meaning of this is that it may be time for you to settle down and start a family. This becomes especially potent if your relationship has been becoming progressively more serious. When your partner begins talking about spending more time together or even starts toying with the idea of marriage, you would do well to take these thoughts seriously. This card suggests that you will be successful in your quest to start a family though.

If this card is seen in the career oriented section of your spread then this usually means that you will be having an increase in responsibilities. This will act as a test to see if you are truly ready for the responsibilities that come with family life and adulthood. You need to be able to juggle all of the responsibilities that you have at work as well as all of the responsibilities that you have at home. Being able to do this with even more work on your plate will be very difficult, but it will also serve as a sign to you as to whether or not you are ready to start a family.

When this card appears in the section of your spread dealing with wealth, the more wealth oriented meaning comes into play. This means that you will become wealthy eventually. This does not mean soon as nothing about the card speaks of swiftness. On top of that, the rich nobleman pictured on the card seems to be pretty old, but it is a good sign that one day, even if it is late in life, your hard work will have all paid off. You may not be incredibly rich, but you will be in a good position and not have to worry. Take solace in that fact.

When this card is appointed to stand in the position of your health fortune, it basically means that you will have to take care of your health problems in order to remain as a strong figure in the family. In order for you to care for others, you must learn to care for yourself, no matter the cost. This is a cardinal rule. You should not take a husband or wife and bring children into this world if you have not dealt with your own demons first.

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