The Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles

What The Three of Pentacles card stands for when it is seen in a tarot spread is the mastery of a trait.

The Three of Pentacles
The Three of Pentacles, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

Whatever that trait may be is up to the person that is being read, as they would usually know best what their own skill set is. However for those that need a more thorough approach and hand holding, it is easier to tell in what area this skill might be depending on where it is placed on the spread. In a four point spread, The Three of Pentacles can stand for money, career, love, or health. In order to get a good picture of what it would specifically mean in each of these though, read further.

If you were to see this card in the love and relationships section, then this would imply that you have become a miniature Casanova. This does not mean that you have mastery over your partner or that you know them inside and out, it means that you are skilled in one of the areas that involve relationships. This could mean that you are well endowed physically, or are practiced at love making. It could also mean that you are very skilled at talking to members of the opposite sex and know just what to say to make them fall in love with you. This is a good skill to have and will lead you very far in life.

If you have seen this card in the area of the spread which applies to money, then it would mean that you have a particular understanding of one area of money that most people do not. Perhaps you are very good at understanding investment techniques, or maybe you are just great at gambling. It might even be something more practical, such as a trained ability to not spend money, and rather to save it instead. If you possess any of these abilities, you might see a three of pentacles in your spread.

Seeing a three of pentacles in the area of a spread pertaining to career is usually the most typical placement of it. It means that you have finally mastered your own career. You have been doing it for so long that you know all of the ins and outs of it and could probably do your own job with your eyes closed. It is a great and helpful talent to possess. The next time that you are at work, see if there are any things about it that you are unsure of, or if you hesitate about anything. If not, then the card was correct.

Finding the three of pentacles on the area of a spread that has to do with personal health is a landmark to be proud of. It means that you have attained a control of your own health and yourself in general that most do not have. You are able to deny yourselves all of the addictions that lead to a lack of temperance in others, which is a virtue indeed. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it.

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