The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands

The three of wands is said to have to do with business.

The Three of Wands
The Three of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The card represents a journeyer on the artist’s depiction, but it is suggested that what this journeyer is actually doing is following a trade route. Fearlessly he continues on the same route to success despite all of the hardships that spring up along the way. Just as any good businessman would or a good trader, they shirk all of the troubles on their trip in favor of finding the destination. This can also have great significance for divinatory purposes when it shows up in a four point spread.

If the three of wands were in the spot on a spread that deals with romance, then this would mean that like a trader in ancient times, in order for your relationship to increase bountifully, you will need to put in some work to get there. The three of wands does not just stand for work though; it stands for toil and perseverance as well as all of the foreseen rewards that come with the hard work once it has all been completed. When you see this card in the romantic area of a spread, your relationship is probably near the beginning and in order to receive your true rewards, you must forge on through all of the difficulties that inevitably spring up in the beginning of a relationship.

When this card shows up where the fortune regarding money and finances is told, this means that you need to think about money like you have never thought of it before in order to increase it. If your funds are lacking, then you may have to try an entirely new way of looking at them, like spending money only on the necessities, or perhaps spending money in small investments that will pay off later. Try an idea that you haven’t done before, risk a few dollars on a lottery ticket. Now is the time to be brave and try what you can to get ahead.

The relationship that the business and career area of a spread has with the three of wands is near inseparable and where the card has its truest significance. You need to be an entrepreneur is the tarot card is drawn for this slot. Do you see a way that you can improve your company, but are too scared to ask about implementing it? Well now it will definitely pay off to ask. The three of wands lets you know that it is the time to make risky but informed decisions that will eventually lead to a greater reward in the end for all of the hard work that it took.

And if the card is placed in the slot of a four point spread that deals with health then this means that you are going to need to try new things to make yourself healthier. Perhaps add some herbal supplements to your diet. Try going vegan for a week and see if anything improves. Do something totally new that you would have never tried before, and reap whatever rewards you find.

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