The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is one of the more popular cards in the game of tarot at least in terms of cultural exposure.

The Two of Swords
The Two of Swords, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

This is a card that is featured in lots of movies and in books. It has a lot to do with the mystery surrounding the woman and the danger that the swords imply. This is actually a misunderstood card culturally because while it is associated with danger, it actually implies more of a calm and meditative state. The woman is blind to all that goes around her, but her vulnerability is balanced out by the swords that are around her.

When the two of swords appears in the area of a spread that has to do with relationships, then this means that the person that has this card is oblivious to things that are going on in the relationship but at the same time, can still feel safe. While you may shut yourself off from certain aspects of your lover’s life, this can be a good thing because sometimes a person will do much better when they have some time to themselves. Even when you are in a relationship with someone, you still need some alone time, but this does not mean that your lover is cheating on you. Do not be suspicious. You are safe.

When the two of swords card is applied to your monetary situation in a spread, it usually means that your knowledge over your money is limited, but you are going to do something about it in the future. Currently you are at an interim area trying to increase your knowledge and decide what to do. This would make sense if you knew nothing of investing in stock, but were trying to learn so that you could make an investment in the future, but this is just one example of a reason why this card might show up for you.

When this card shows in your career area means that you may be a little new to your job. Either that or your duties may have changed. You are trying to get a sense of the things that have changed around you and are trying to catch up with things. You are not frantic about it and you are not going to stretch yourself to your wit’s end, but you are going to go about it calmly and coolly in order to get to your goal. Such is the nature of the two of swords. You are a calm person even though you do not fully understand what is happening.

Finally, when this card appears in the health and happiness segment, it means that you are happy with your clam situation. You do not understand everything, and have accepted that. But you are not settling down into a life of complacency, you are just focusing on expanding your relationship with the things that you are familiar with. Meditating on your limited area of understanding and expanding it can often be more rewarding than absorbing too much knowledge at once.

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