The Two of Wands

The Two of Wands

In accordance with the imagery featured on The Two of Wands card, the meaning is similar.

The Two of Wands
The Two of Wands, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Minor Arcana

The Two of Wands card symbolizes going out on your own and eking out you own path in life. Much like the nobleman featured on the card, when applied to your own life, this card is telling you that it is time to branch out and choose important decisions that will stick with you. Whenever you are in doubt of yourself or doubting a decision, do not remains stagnant, but act upon it, and do it quickly. When this card is found in a traditional four point spread, no matter where it is found, it applies to your decisiveness.

For example, if the two of wands were to be found in the spot of the tarot spread that tells of romantic relations, then this would mean that you are probably in turmoil over something related to relationships. Because the card usually symbolizes newness as well, perhaps you are thinking about starting a relationship with someone, but are unsure of how they will react to your proposition ultimately. If you are indecisive at this moment, the two of wands appearing in your spread means that it is time for you to act on your indecision and get the ball rolling so to speak. Perhaps it may be something more negative such as a decision about whether to break up or not. The two of wands does not necessarily give advice on which direction to take a decision in, it merely gives you the advice to make the decision in the first place with a pioneering experience. If it does not go so well, at least you gained some valuable experience.

If the two of wands were to make an appearance in the area of a spread that pertains to your financial assets, this may mean that something new has sprung up in your financial bubble. Maybe it is an exciting investment opportunity, or maybe you’ve got a hot tip at the horse betting track. It could even be something as mild as the decision on whether or not to purchase a lottery ticket, but if this card shows up then it means that it is time for you to act fast or you will never know what your fate could have been had you chosen not to hesitate.

The same fortune is very similar for what would happen if the two of wands were your chosen card for the career and business element of your spread. Perhaps this means that you need to really take a look at your career choice and decide if a move in a new direction might be the best for you. A very common decision that is hard to make is whether or not to ask the boss for a raise. This might be something that you are dealing with, but if the two of wands is drawn, this means that it is in favor of searching out new opportunities, such as the uncharted waters of your boss’ office. Ask for the raise and see if you get it. What is the worst that can happen?

Finally, if this card is drawn for the health and happiness area, it usually means that it is time to try new and exciting things in your life. This card will be more likely to come up for you if you are a shut in, or more of a hermit type that does not seem to prosper well at clubs or amusement areas. Try going out to a bar with a few friends one night. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try going out to an amusement park. Even a movie would be a nice step forward. Try new things and live to tell the tale. If you don’t like it, you can always just stop, but the two of wands suggests that you need to seize the day while you still can.

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