The Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Card

The Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Card

The wheel of fortune is not just a game show broadcast by a major American news corporation it is also a tarot card of major importance to the game and to divinatory purposes.

The Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Card
The Wheel of Fortune, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

This is also one of the most controversial of all tarot cards because of how differently it is viewed throughout different decks and throughout different interpreters. It can mean something totally different for someone based on where it is placed in a spread, but we will look at the idea of a four point spread for now to assess the importance of the card.

When the wheel of fortune card is placed in a spread, this usually signifies a change in fortune of some sort. It is usually abundantly clear to the subject that is being read, what direction this change is going to go in, because it will always be the opposite of the situation that they are in at the time. For example, if the wheel of fortune were to be placed in the spot of a spread where the fortune regarding wealth is located, then whatever financial area that they are at currently will begin to change rapidly. If they are rich, they will become poor very soon, and if they are poor, they should expect to be rewarded with riches soon as well.

If the wheel of fortune card were to be placed in the area of the tarot spread that deals with relationships, then this would usually mean that the person who is being read will have their relationship go in the opposite direction. If they are with someone and happy, their relationship could go sour and even lead to break-up. If things between couples are not going so well, this could signify that the two will patch things up soon. Finally, if this is seen by someone that is not currently in a relationship, then this will usually signify that a rewarding relationship may be just around the corner from them.

When the wheel of fortune is drawn into the spot that signifies career, this could be dangerous for people that have good and well managed careers. This may mean that in the future, their career will be in jeopardy, or that they will soon be demoted for some reason or another. This could also mean that if they are not doing so well, or not liking their job at all, that eventually the tide will turn in their favor, their job may become more likeable, or they may get a job offer from another company that decides to treat them better.

Finally, if the wheel of fortune shows up on the health section of a spread, it is generally well understood what this means. If you are doing well as far as your physical health and in good spirits, this would signify that it is time for this attitude to change, and that you will soon be taken down a peg or two. However, if you are generally displeased with the state of your life at the moment, this may mean that you will soon be getting a pleasant and unexpected emotional or health boost.

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