The World, Tarot Card

The World, Tarot Card

As the fool represents the childlike aspirations of man, or the beginning of a journey, the world represents the end of that journey and all of the knowledge gained during that excursion.

The World, Tarot Card
The World, Tarot Card meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana

The gamut of all of the major arcana is often likened to an entire life cycle starting with the fool as the base and ending with the world. With this is mind it is not hard to see why the world represents an end. But unlike death does not stand for just the end of a cycle, but the end of a cycle along with all that was learned or gained during that cycle. It represents completeness, and thus has an immense meaning when applied to the four points of a standard tarot spread.

The world card, when applied to the area of a spread that tells of love and relationships, means that you have reached some knowledge of the relationship that would only come to someone at the end of a cycle. You have attained an understanding that can only come from having completed some section of that relationship. Perhaps this means that you have finally learned what it means to be outside of the honeymoon stage, or perhaps it is something more important, such as the realization of the meaning of love. Ultimately, you will know best what it is that you learned.

When the world card begins to make appearances in the money and financing section of your four point spread, then this usually means that you have found some money making knowledge that only true financial experts understand. Perhaps you have learned a fool proof way to make money, or have had so many successful investments in the past that you know exactly what a company should have before you think of giving your money to them.

If you see the world card in the career section of the four point spread, then this usually has a very special interpretation. It could mean that you have finally understood where your true place is in the working world, where you really belong as far as your job is concerned. On the other hand, a great deal of people hates their jobs. It is possible that you have been doing your job for so long that you have learned to love all of the work that you do. This is a very important lesson to learn in life and one that will serve you well in the future.

When the world card appears in the health and happiness segment of your spread then this would mean that you have learned how to truly make yourself happy. As silly as it sounds, this is a very important lesson. Many people go throughout their entire lives never knowing what true happiness is. You have learned a very important lesson in this case and should share it with others.

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