This week Astrology Predictions: March 12-18, 2012

This week Astrology Predictions: March 12-18, 2012

March 12-18, 2012.

This week in Astrology Predictions: March 12-18, 2012
This Week Astrology Prediction for March 12 to March 18 2012 year of the Dragon

This is not a forward moving time, but rather a time for review and careful consideration. This is also the last week the Sun travels Pisces before it bursts into Aries, marking the first day of spring. In simpler terms: This is the last long week of sleepy winter before the birth of spring. Hallelujah!

Monday March 12, 2012 Mercury stations Retrograde: Rx Mercury is a trickster with higher purpose. This is not the time to sign important documents, or attempt any major beginnings. If you do have to go ahead with important communications be very clear that it's highly likely you will misinterpret things in some way. Communication snafus are commonplace with clever mercury back tracking. Mostly the mix ups are only minor irritations to slow you down. Are you headed in the right direction? What has transpired in the last three months that needs sorting and organizing. Mercury retrograde allows us to get clear, to make sure all our ducks are in a row. T's crossed and I' s dotted.

It is also common to revisit the past during this period of time. Some person or project is revisited, revised and revived. All the "re-s" work wonderfully well in retrograde Mercury. Relax and receive the rewards of past efforts. And with this being the last week of dreamy Pisces you may find you have to drag yourself around. Pisces puts us in a dreamy receptive state. It's not a go-getting energy instead much happier creating artwork, or staring off into space dreaming up a delicious reality of beauty and ease. Try not to push yourself now. Be receptive. Be dreamy. If you can find some time for naps and long hot baths you will benefit greatly from the rejuvenation of rest and relaxation- This can recharge your winter weary Soul and bolster your immune system.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Jupiter is actively expanding the areas of relationships and your willpower. You will feel a sense of courage and certainty bolstered by the always optimistic Sagittarius Moon. Watch for action in how you relate to the world. Perhaps a value shift, and a widening of perspective. Let your thinking be big. With Pluto in the mix you can be certain that something is shifting from deep within. Pluto helps you face the truth, and the truth will set you free. It's true. Get real with yourself. Let your thinking be deep.

The week ends with a supercharged fusing of Mercury and Uranus all in Aries. Mercury thinks, communicates, understands. Uranus shakes it up in unexpected ways. Aries battle cry is often, "me first". This fusing of energy in Aries could help to release your inner coward; the fearful part of you that stuffs what you feel, hides what you think, says yes when you mean no. Be on the look out for shocking outbursts of true feelings. You had no idea you could be so honest. This is liberation, appreciate it. You may be a bit embarrassed by your sudden bout of radical honesty, but the coming Aries Sun will assist you in backing your own personal truth. Own it and be willing to hear someone else’s truth too. Truth is a subjective subject. Be ready for radical changes in radical ways while utilizing your gift of retrospect. Next week. . .Spring!

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