Interpretation of a Dream

The Three Stages of Dream Interpretation


Many people that want to know how to interpret dreams start out by purchasing a dictionary of dream symbols and their meaning. From there, they will try to record their dreams as carefully as possible, and then look up each aspect to find out what it means. Depending on the nature of the book, the symbols may all be geared towards predicting the future, or they may be focus on helping the individual figure out what thoughts and emotions may be going on at an unconscious level.

While books can be of some help, it is important to realize that your own mind begins creating meanings for various items long before you even begin wondering what your dreams mean. Therefore, you are likely to find that you will match the general population on some interpretations, but not others. Under these circumstances, you will eventually need to make use of a different kind of process in order o understand each unique facet of your dreaming mind.

Setting Goals for Dream time

Chances are, you may not realize how important it is to have some ideas about what you want to accomplish during dream time. For example, if you want to know how a job interview will turn out, it will be in your best interest to fix that question in your mind before you go to sleep. No matter whether you dream about getting the job in question, or a series of other symbols related to general success in the day ahead, at least you will have a better chance of aligning with your method of interpretation.

Recording Dreams and Interpretations

Have you ever awakened from a dream in the middle of the night, and thought you would never forget it? Did you go to record the dream the next morning, only to find out that you could not even begin to remember what it was about? During the process of recording dreams, it is essential to begin as soon as you are aware that the dream is done, or as soon as you are awake enough to record it. Fortunately, as you gain practice with recording your dreams, it will become easier to capture as many as possible, as well as develop an accurate record of their details.

When recording dreams, you should also record your interpretations. If you are using a book of symbols, you should record that information, as well as any impressions that come up. This includes rating how accurate you feel each symbolic interpretation is, as well as if you notice some kind of pattern in the overall content of the symbols. It will also be of some help to create a separate dream index. Ideally, you should record the date of the dream, a few keywords, and which journal it resides in.

The Test of Time for Dreams Interpretation

As a general rule of thumb, you will not know if any given set of interpretations is accurate until you are able to look back and see how they compare to real life. For example, if you always seem to have precognitive dreams, it may take decades before the actual event manifests. Under these circumstances, trying to understand the emotional content of a building on fire, or some other event will not yield an accurate interpretation. Unfortunately, if you do not make use of a dream index, you may find yourself reading through dozens of journals in an attempt to look for things that you might have dreamt years ago.

There is no question that dreams serve a valuable purpose in our lives. Once you begin documenting your dreams and learning how to interpret them, you are likely to learn all kinds of fascinating things about your thoughts and feelings. You may even be fortunate enough to discover a gift for precognition, or creative answers to problems that you have a hard time managing in your waking life.

Comments: The Three Stages of Dream Interpretation

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Anusha 2014-01-27 06:48:18
I dreamt that I was given a choose of gift from my elder in laws
Britt 2013-12-06 06:12:11
I had a dream the other night , I was in my mothers best friends house. I grew up there as a kid but I lost touch with her after I grew up. In the dream I was cleaning and preparing the house for my current crush. I think in the dream I was assuming we were together. I was talking to someone while I was cleaning , I don't know who anyways I was telling them how we met and showing them my crushes truck and I was folding clothes. I remember at one point in time looking outside and seeing his sweater in the fence. I was waiting and yearning to see him. I remember my moms friend coming Home and their were other people with her, I was in her room folding clothes. One of the voices was my crush. I remember being so scared and nervous but anxious to see him. I was wearing a bath robe and went across the hallway where someone was crying, I gave her a hug and out of my peripheral I saw my crush. I finally acknowledged his presence and said hi. All of a sudden it appeared clear that my crush and my moms friend were moving in together. I remember being devastated and confused crying uncontrollably and running out of the house to move across the street. I remember my moms friend feeling bad and trying to help me she said my crush had been crying too. I was reluctant to resolve things but when I approached my crush and told him I didn't understand, he replied I know I don't get it either. I told him it was ok and it was Nice knowing him. I woke up devastated.
britney 2013-03-08 17:00:49
I have a guy friend who's really nice and all
anyway i dreamt that I kissed him and he kissed me back then he started taking videos of us doing that and i was unaware of them until he sent them to me on bbm
he said he liked the kiss
(still in the dream )
I also remember being in a place like a cemetry but there weren't any gravestones and it was in the daylight
there were plenty of cats lying around and my dad tried scaring them away all of them ran except one who kept on meowing reallyy loudlyy
It was creepy
and then out of nowhere a black guard dog appears to be friendly and kept on following us around
Please i need someone to explain what does this dream means..
It's so weird and mixed up in different settings
i tried looking for dream interpretations but i didnt find the one that exactly described the situation
thank you in advance
kk 2013-02-01 14:33:12
There is this boy I like, I tried talikng to him, but he sees my messages and doesnt reply. But there is something that tells me "hes great for you, you should be together". And then after I lost all hope on him, I dreamed about him, and in the dream he ignored me and walked away and i shouted "why are you breaking my heart?!". Afterwards I was with a schoolmate (still in the dream) and he stayed with me listened and conforted me, he was very sweet. But I dont understand what this means..any ideas?
florence 2014-11-05 21:37:19
the boy you like does not care about you but
your schoolmate cares for you...he is the one
for you.

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