Weekly Horoscope October 31- November 6 2011

Weekly Horoscope October 31- November 6 2011

Halloween the veils between worlds are thin.

Weekly Horoscope October 31- November 6 2011
Weekly Horoscope Forecast for October 31- November 6 , 2011

With a Saturn Moon, we may get a serious glimpse into the harsh realities of life. Like what a body looks like when its rotting- Wow! harsh. Our fascination with such dark matters is manifested with hit shows like True Blood, it's vampires and werewolves, and the latest hit, The Walking Dead, an end times sort of show with seriously rotting zombies, lots of blood splatters and squishy gut noises. Why would we as a culture want to be ready to battle the undead? Who knows, but I suppose it's good we are psychologically prepared for such potentialities. Which is what planets like Pluto and Capricorn want to help us do: Be really real and prepared. Halloween is a time that we can reach through to the other side and bring back information more easily. If it's possible to avoid a sugar coma, the 31st of October would be perfect for mediation and reflection. The Capricorn Moon will assist you in solid planning for a better future.

November 1st the energy will shift considerably. There will be a flow to communications, and an emotional warmth charged with an unexpected reaction to the situation. This is a positive sextile aspect at work blessing you with ease. On the other hand, the Square between task master Saturn, and the sensitive moon could have you feeling secretly fearful. Remember there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Neale Donald Walsch, author of Coversations with God, uses this acronym: Fear is False, Evidance, Appearing, Real. How true in most cases. Good one God!

On Wednesday the 2nd both Mercury and Venus both move on into Sagittarius. This will be lovely. Sagittarius is ruled by generous and jovial Jupiter. Planet of Luck and expansion. With Mercury there you can expect an increase in good ideas. Listen to these carefully as they could be life changing- It may be time to move or travel. Drink up the world for the next three weeks or so, expand and stretch and philosophise. It's time to bounce back and shake it off. Venus will lead you to connecting in a more honest way creating surprising intimacy. Truth is freedom!

Friday the 4th is a magical time as the moon moves into Pisces. Expect to feel sleepy so if you can offer yourself a nap you will stay happy. Its unhealthy to push past the need to sleep. This Neptune energy could have you dozing inconveniently if you don't make room for a snooze. Watch your dreams for messages from your higher self- solutions abound in these dreamy places- we just need to make space for the communication to get through. The discordant square may be causing friction between your mind and emotions; your feelings may be telling you one thing while your intellect is insisting on another. The confusion will lift in a few days. Place it to the side and focus on rest and relaxation.

This week wraps up with an Aries Moon on Sunday, squaring planet of radical change, Uranus; and Pluto, planet of deep transformation- things could happen fast. Big thorough changes in very little time. Wha Bamb! With Mercury and Venus trine this Aries Moon the odds are good you're going to be feeling on top of the world while life whirls into something better for you. Enjoy this time on Earth- You are blessed!

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