Elemental Astrology. Four elements of the Zodiac


All twelve signs in an astrological chart are representatives of one of the four elements - there are three examples of each of the four elements. Your sun sign is your dominant element with the others influencing you in decreasing order

Check out your horoscope with this Chart Calculator Enter you place of birth, date and time and you'll get a chart of your twelve houses so you can see which elements dominate your scope. N.B. Your Sun sign is the most important as it has the most effect but its also good to see what the balance of elements is within you. It will reveal quite a lot.

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Zodiacal sign and Symbol Element Kind of expression Sign's color Planet Stone Planet ruler and symbol
♈ Aries Fire Cardinal Red Controversy Mars
♉ Taurus Earth Fixed Pink Emerald Venus
♊ Gemini Air Mutable Green Moss agate Mercury
♋ Cancer Water Mutable Silver Pearl Moon
♌ Leo Fire Fixed Gold Red Ruby Sun
♍ Virgo Earth Mutable Green and Dark Brown Sardonix Mercury
♎ Libra Air Cardinal Blue Sapphire Venus
♏ Scorpio Water Fixed Dark Red Opal Pluto
♐ Sagittarius Fire Mutable Reach Purple Topaz Jupiter
♑ Capricorn Earth Cardinal Brown Black Onix Saturn
♒ Aquarius Air Fixed Turquoise Turquoise Uranus
♓ Pisces Water Mutable Soft Seagreen Moonstone Neptune


Solid, tangible, weighty, not easily moved - earth is the building material of everything we do. It is the base from which we do everything and the base to which we return. It is safety, reassurance, a reference point in a changing world. It rarely changes though it can be rearranged.

Earth in its ultimate form is good, friable soil - that which sustains growth. It is solid but can be broken up, though it soon settles down again to its old patterns. It harbours life, moisture, a little air and holds heat quite well. (Except in the case of an earthquake), it is always there supporting and sustaining.

It can also manifest as sand - much more moveable, less sustaining, soft and pleasant to the touch, a child can push it around - but it settles back into place quite quickly (particulalry with the help of a little water). The wind can whip it up so it flies through the air (very un earth like and very unpleasant) it can even melt under intense heat to take a totally different form - glass.

Earth can also become very unmoveable - as rock it is the ultimate stubborn, set in its ways, inpenetrable, uninterested in anything else sort of element. With a lot of effort you can carve it to reflect other things - but at its heart it is still rock, unchanging, innactive, dull to some, beautiful to those preapred to look closley to see the veins that flow through it. The ultimate form of rock is as gemstones - and the diamond is the most prized form of earth, as are precious metals.

But earth is also everything else solid - it is trees and plants, bricks and plastic, concrete and metals. It has had to go through various changing processes - which are slow (very slow) and sometimes very dramatic (smelting metal) but when transformed, earth can be so extremely useful in so many ways. Again it sustains us as the shelter we call home, it provides pathways for other things to pass along or through (pipes for water, cable for elcetricity, roads for vehicles), its our food, our excrement, our clothes and our weapons. It is the computer you are looking at now (but it needs something else to bring it to life - more on that later).

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Air is the great carrier and a motivator. It brings oxygene to the blood, it transmits the heat of the sun. Its lightness and energy bring stimulation to plants making them grow strong, it whips up the water and blows away the clouds. Air brings us scents and odours, sounds and warnings. It feeds the fire and carries the smoke away, it is the bubbles in champagne and the white in the surf.

Air can change direction in a flash and change again just as quickly. You'll never tie it down, never even get a grasp of it. It'll blow against your face to tell you its there, then when you want it, its gone (well not gone, just no co-ordinates to locate). It is all pervasive, any little hole or crevice, air gets in - filling voids, silently, invisibly, hanging there for no other reason but because there was a gap. But if the gap is big then air rushes in - as the heat of the day pushes some air upwards, so great wadges of cooler air rush in to take its place.

Now we're talking wind - this is air on speed - now we're talking something we can sense, feel, hear even. Wind can be felt, wind brings heat and cold, it bears the water vapour as clouds and it brings the rain - driving it into the smallest crook or cranny. Wind turns our windmills, fills our sails, energy you can rely upon - well not quite. What's the prevailing wind round your way? - ah, there is a pattern - its a big one, with plenty of convolutions in it but air can be made to toe the line - providing that you don't need precision.

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Our heat and our light, fire is the beacon and the hearth. So powerful, so attractive, whole planetary systems revolve around fire - warming their little souls on its apparently never ending energy and light. Fire dances and plays, it bursts into combustion and then lurks for days, just waiting for fuel and a gust of wind. Fire shows us the way, (it is not the way) but without it we could not see it.

Fire is the big tour guide of life - step right this way ladies and gentlemen, let me show you this beautiful feature, this vast landscape. Come on, no flagging at the back there, there's lots more to see.

Fire is the warmth of friendship, the passion of a kiss, a relaxant and, soother.

But fire is also the destroyer taking away the earthen materials we no longer need, burning it, demolishing it, turning it to ashes . . . wether we want it or not..

Fire (as heat) can be conducted via fluids, solids or gases - in radiators, firebricks, and fan heaters.

But heat never stays for long. . . it needs refreshing, topping up . . otherwise it just peters out.

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Water is life itself, it courses through our veins, flows down rivers and over falls, tumbles out the tap, soaks the parched soil. Water dominates the planet - it has to because we need it so much and so much of it. Water brings the nutrients, separating the molecules of earth allowing the miracle of life to happen. It lubricates and refreshes, cleanses and cools and as a tear it displays our emotions. Water can be the smallest drop of dew or a vast ocean - providing a home environment for all ther creatures of the sea.

But water can take on other guises relatively easily. It can vapourise and play the game of gas or it can freeze and do a pretty fair imitation of rock. But touch it when its like that and it'll suck the very heat from your body, before you can say Jack Frost, destroying the destroyer, conducting it to oblivion. Water can welcome you in when warm then lock you up for eternity by turning cold and freezing.

Water will not support you . . lean on it and it will give way instantly. You can dip your hand in, swim around for a bit . . but when you give up making the effort . . your gone. The refreshing sustainer instantly becomes the cold enveloper, excavating air from the lungs and life from the body. Friend and foe in the blink of an eye

Water is almost as pervasive as air, it goes wherever it can, whenever it can, always seeking equality (level). But water is more easily driven out, blocked by earth, vapourised by fire and wind . . . but sooner or later water comes back. As if instilled with the ultimate patience, water can be pushed away again and again then when your guard is down there it is, trickling in.

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