Dream Dictionary Baby Boy

Dream Dictionary Baby Boy


The baby, when it shows up in your dreams, usually functions as a symbol to let you know that you have been preoccupied with children in some way. You have been thinking about kids too much in your daily life and since your brain has become so preoccupied with them; they are beginning to show up in your subconscious too, or your dreams to be more precise. However, babies usually show up as androgynous in dreams, or at the very least many people seem to simply forget their genders once the dream is over. When the gender of the baby becomes a matter of importance and you continually see a baby boy in your dreams rather than a baby of ambiguous gender, then you have a little bit more digging to do to find out what this means.

The baby boy acts as a symbol for undeveloped masculinity. Now of course this does not mean that you are not masculine or that you show no signs of masculinity. This simply means that you have not been giving many opportunities in life to exercise your masculinity and it shows. This is the same interpretation for men and women. Every woman has a masculine side and every man has a feminine side. Whether you are a man or woman, if you dream about a baby boy there is a good chance that this is because you are about to be given a chance to display your masculinity for a wider audience.

Dreaming of a baby boy can also mean that you simply want to have a boy. When it gets right around time for you to have a child, a series of dreams like this expresses your desire to have a male child. If you are a man, then this desire usually rises out of the desire to raise a child in your own image and teach them all that you know. If you are a woman then this desire usually rises out of your personal desire to have someone to spoil. Have you ever heard of the term mama's boy? Perhaps you want someone to baby when it gets to be time for you to be a mother. A word of warning though: try not to smother your child too much. Otherwise your child will never truly grow up or understand how the adult world works.

A baby boy as a dream symbol can also mean the opposite of wanting to express your masculinity. This can function as a desire to not have to display your masculinity to others at any costs. Your masculinity is on the level of that of a small child. Showing off is not your style and it will not take you far in life. Make sure not to try and put yourself in a situation in which you might have to contest your masculinity or your ability to do any heavy lifting. You know what kinds of circumstances put you in this kind of situation, so just make sure not to fall into any traps. You probably already know this as well, but do not fall for peer pressure either. Peer pressure can lead you to do silly things that an educated mind would normally tell you are dangerous and unintelligent.

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Candyce 2019-01-27 11:30:08
My brother has a 7month old son. Ever since I've been having dreams of having my own. Even the father of the child features and I've never seen this man in my life before. I'm not sure where this is coming from. Is it the fact that I got a pregnancy scare a few months ago and my ex-boyfriend was more than willing to have me keep it or is it just because I now spend so much time with my nephew ever since I got home from college for the holidays...
Reba 2018-11-06 12:22:22
My boyfriend mother past a week ago & family fuels stared so did his dreams about me having a son around the age of 3 , it's always different situations but the same boy, even last night he had a dream that we were in church and I kept popping his hands for misbehaving so the little boy got up move over towards my boyfriend to say tell mommy to stop
Christin 2018-02-15 16:50:22
I have been having trouble sleeping for about a week now. I keep waking up and being worried because I need to go back to sleep to talk to this little boy named Timothy. I can't actually remember any of my dreams, just the worried feeling I get when I wake up and feel the need to talk to him again. I am currently 16 weeks pregnant.
Aviana 2018-02-02 07:30:07
I had a dream I was living in the mansion with my god mother and we were making music in the studio then she had an important phone call so I left walking I walk down this empty hallway that looked damaged and a the end of the hall I seen a lil girl so I started to run back to the studio but more little kids started to come out of the rooms so I started to run faster but I was like the energy lightly pishing me back before I could run out the hallway door this this little girl comes out of the first room and shuts the door I rushed and open it and when I did the mansion was a school from the past I ran and jumped over things trying to get out and go home I ran through a door leading me outside it was night time and raining and I needed a ride so I went searching for a car to steal but I couldn't find one then I spotted the van with an old man sleep inside and a nother man whim seemed to be high on drugs with an baby boy in his arms just barely holding himself up I watched as he begin to lose his balance the out of nowhere it stops raining and he begins to choke the baby rushed and rescued the baby and best the man up it became morning I went to tell the principal what happen and she just brushed me off saying you need to gibe the baby to his father I ignored her sly comment and walked away with the baby looking for a church to gives us shelter I went walking down a dirt road close by a gas station then these random.Caucasian man started questiong me where I got the baby from and did I put my black hand on their brother I replied he was trying to kill the baby and I saved him a woman appeared and said that she believed me then I felt something moving around in my hand they said that the dirt road wasn't a dirt road it was an a resting area for blue crabs and because ive been standing there a long time they have crawled into my body I picked them out one by one the men looked at my socks and noticed it said 2018 so they assumed they were fake and let me go with the baby I started waking a different direction and I met this nice womens at the hair salon who saw everything and were willing to help me which I accepted until I remembered iv been their before in a dream the salon and they toke the baby away from me .
Caietlyn shepherd 2017-12-08 15:34:11
I dreamed that I had a baby boy I felt the contractions an everything then it led to days later being at a party celebration the birth with family I grew an overwhelming sensation of happiness an love then it cut to later that day I had to travel an left the baby with family it had snowed like crazy I was traveling with someone I was driving a nice dark green truck an the other person drove a white truck we ended up stranded almost froze to death til we found a really nice big house this lady let us in helped us an I explained I just had a baby boy three days ago I need to get to him I miss him so much an the lady helped with the vehicles only got the white one running so the other person who was with me left the lady took me to get clothes from my place an I stayed til the next day. I woke up from my dream with a strong yearning to love that child more then I've ever loved anyone or anything is that normal to feel?
Alethea Dawkins 2017-10-12 12:26:21
I keep having a dream of a baby boy,but In the dream he had to be about maybe 3 ,but I remember telling him gimme a kiss and that mommy loves you. In the dream I was holding him so tight
saraya thomas 2017-09-19 04:41:38
i was laying in bed and fell asleep i started to dream and in this dream i was at the doctor office for an appointment. i looked down at the floor and there was a baby boy and my mom sitting next to me i had my baby wrapped up in a blanket in his car seat and him sleeping he looked just like my boyfriend. i picked up my baby and stated to rock him then i woke up breathing fast and in shock. i was really scared and so confuse about why i had this dream. i was not thinking about a having a child and so have this dream really shocked me can someone help me understand what this means or am i just over thinking this.
Lydia 2017-08-19 09:37:00
Had a dream that I had a baby boy. The cutest baby boy ever. I have always wanted kids but 31 and I'm single Anyway the baby boy was crying and the dad (who was a much younger boy I grew up with) was holding him and I took him away to make him feel better, at first I remember breastfeeding him, but then I just carried him around until he stoped crying; and his mom(my mother in low) I guess who set me up with her two sons to have kids with me was so happy telling me which one of her sons is the father of this one! Now I don't know what kind of twisted dream was this! But now I want to see my baby again he was so cute!

Then moments later I dreamed that I was giving my boss at work $5
john 2017-06-12 01:00:11
M still single but i had a son in my dream early morning. Ison was just three days and his eyes yet to open. I dkn't know what it indicates to my life. I want to know the meaning
Jamie 2017-02-27 08:19:14
Ever since my first period; I've had these three series of dreams about kids.

First one(starting around beginning of the year) was I was rushed to the hospital; the man I was to have a child with i could not see or hear him, but knew exactly what he was saying to me. He was both panicky ,but happy saying he's so happy we decided to have our son.
I could clearly see my bouncy boy. He had dark chocolate hair that was thick and long; eyes were these beautiful dark green.

Next one would happen in the middle of the year; I see that same little boy. He's about roughly 3ish 4. He's playing with a black dog; I feel a sense of happiness and someone touches my hand. It's the same presents from before; it's the man, but again can't see or hear him. He says how happy he is with our family and touches my stomach. I'm in a wedding dress about six months pregnant.

Now the third dream(end of the year) I'm in a kitchen; three little kids sitting in front of the tv. The one boy all grown up to be about 8 for the looks. Two younger ones can't tell the age apart, but for sure not twins. The girl in the middle had long light brown hair, little freckles hazel eyes. The third child has hazel hair, dark brown eyes and lot more freckles then the girl. I feel the mans presents again as he walks in the door; he hugs and kisses my cheek. Before being hugged by the children in a happy scream of "daddy"

Out of all my boyfriends; my current one I haven't had these dreams. Until recently I dreamt I was sleeping on his chest on the couch. I opened my eyes and he was holding the little baby boy of my dreams. His big green eyes locked on us as he's cooing happily. My boyfriend smiling down at me and I'd awake. Now every day for a week I've been seeing my child grow older doing things with my boyfriend. Could it be future dreams?
Danielle 2017-02-17 06:04:13
I had a dream that I was pregnant and I was really scared, as I didn't want a baby and all of a sudden he was there, i panicked with him a bit and then got to really loving him. I woke up and now i really miss him 🙁
Zoe 2017-02-18 02:59:28
That is so weird. On the same date I had the same dream and now I also really miss him 🙁
Shay 2017-05-19 08:21:08
Same here. Same exact dream... The baby boy was happy and healthy too.
Kate 2017-02-05 11:00:12
I had a dream that I realized I was pregnant and then suddenly it was a month after the baby was born. I lost my memory of giving birth and naming him. My mom was taking care of him and I didn't want her to know I lost my memory so I had to figure out what his name was. It was also strange because no one seemed to know I had a baby except my mom. Not even the father of the baby. I figured it all out in the end though. I remember admiring him, he had brown hair and eyes and he looked like his dad. I was so happy and I couldn't wait for the father to come see his son. And then I woke up. This is the second dream in a row about having a kid. Yesterday I dreamt of carrying my 3 year old daughter down the street, but that was it. I don't have any kids in real life, so it's really odd.
Medz 2017-02-08 21:32:39
I too had exactly the same dream.We don't have children so i loved the dream and felt that I should again be in the dream world..
Taylor 2017-09-14 11:11:44
I just had the same dream last night ....

Kathryn 2017-01-10 10:20:42
I had a dream where I didn't know I was pregnant and then ended up having the baby in my room. My boyfriend and brother were on the couch, while my mother was in the kitchen washing dishes. I sat in my room looking into his eyes for a bit, they were brown and beautiful. I brought him out and showed my boyfriend first. He said 'well, I guess his name won't be John,' I agreed. I named him Mitchel. After a little while I went to my room and attempted to baby proof my room with blankets and pillows. Myou baby was always in my arms. All of a sudden, my family was getting ready to leave for thanksgiving dinner. While they all rushed out, I started breast feeding my baby boy. Them we went to my grandmother's which is where my boyfriend and I went downstairs to a spare bedroom and laid down to cuddle. Then I woke up... so weird
Tara 2017-01-10 00:35:44
Me and my sister both had almost same dream last night.I saw I was protecting a newborn, it has a life risk like someone will kill it. She saw a newborn struggling to live. I saw I lost some money and my new cellphone on a bus, but found it afterwards.She saw someone was trying to snatch away her phone but she saved it.
Jazmine 2016-11-20 10:23:30
I am 14, dreaming about having a baby, and raising one, its weird really, because i lived in a castle and my baby lived on a boat amd i would go visit him every day after school, i would always want to take hime to the castle, and my friend had a baby at the same time and she would stay in the boat with her baby, and it was weird becsuse moana, the new movie, and the big dude are in it, and i am taking my baby to the castle, me and my friend are taking our babies to the castle, so the dude from moana wont let us go and he tries to bite us with a fucking turtle, and than we magically appeared in the castle, and then after that, my dreams are always changing, and so than there is a party for my baby, in LA where my aunt lives, and there is always a creepy lady staring at us through the window, so when i go get my baby bag, she opens the window and holds me by the neck and tells me something about my baby, and i had a sore throat where i can not scream at all, most of my voice is gone, i start yelling out, MOM, but she didnt hear me, the lady than jumps out the window, and than i get back to where my baby is and i just hold him tightly, and than i woke up
Sylvia 2016-09-26 14:23:01
I had a dream last night that I had a son he looked to be around 7-9 months old and I was so happy and so was my boyfriend and in my dream my cousin and his gf came over and told us that they were pregnant what does this mean ?
Fabian 2016-08-25 05:35:46
In my dream I went to school and found out I had a baby boy so on that day I was takin care of him while at school. During one of my classes he was being handed around he was so obedient and didn't cry much but then I thought about it like wow I have a sun then I started crying so I went outside to cry of joy I think this was a separate dream but I was at home and I was teaching my child how to walk with my mom and it seemed like he grew up fast there was also an image of me and my son and a girl it didn't look like anybody I know
Walker 2016-07-01 21:44:24
Hi im Walker .

Im only 17 and i dreamt about carrying my baby and showing it to a mirror and then sleeping beside my baby
the baby had my eyes and a cute chubby face i could still remember it. I woke up wanting to go back to sleep and dream more about it but i couldnt . So i came online to search what is the Meaning of it . Can anyone help me ?
Candice 2016-10-19 00:48:18
I had the same dream, and wanted so badly to fall asleep too
Christu 2016-06-15 23:16:39
I had a dream that i had a boy named emilio. I wanted to have him in the hospital but for some reason had him at home. Then i there was something wrong with him because he kept shrinking in size because he "needed oxygen" and i had to get him to the hospital. I tried public transportation and walking to the hospital. But when i arrived at the hospital he was so small like the size of my hand. That he died.
I have no kids and have no idea whay this means. Thoughts anyone?
vandana 2016-05-30 04:30:04
Today I have seen a dream in a day time of having a baby boy just born baby I have seen my delivery and delivering a baby boy.....I m three months pregnant.....what does it mean
Natalia 2016-05-01 11:44:53
I dreamt of playing with this toddler/baby boy and he laughed and giggled.He was also acting SO cute that I decicded in my dreams to hold him.When I dreamt of this dream, I honestly felt complete.
Crissy 2016-04-25 05:01:32
I'very just awakened from a dream about a beautiful little girl..Middle of the dream I see a little who is supposed to be my son dancing with relatives. The end of dream goes back to the same beautiful baby girl.
Aikaamaya 2016-04-08 12:11:09
I am in a relationship with a guy, and have been for 3 years. I am only 19, but I've known that I want to be with him for the rest of my life since we began dating. I can definitely see having kids with him and marrying him. I have reoccurring dreams, and sometimes nightmares, but no matter what happens, he's always in my dreams. Most recently (the past 3 months) when I have a dream/nightmare, he and I have either a boy (never shown at a newborn or toddler age...always around 5 or 6 years old...this morning I woke up from a dream where we had two children, one girl and one boy, toddler age.
latoya 2016-03-30 19:42:02
Hey yall so last night I had my 1st dream about having a baby I had a miscarriage Feb 17 2015 but in this dream I had a beautiful baby boy it felt so real I couldn't believe it but I suddenly wake up out of this dream but it left me with questions so I Google it and found everyone with this same problem so after I googled it I went and bought a pregnancy test and it was positive I just wanted to share with everyone

sam 2016-03-28 16:23:13
last night my bf and i went out for drinks and such and had a small falling out on the walk home. i was feeling insecure and he was being supportive and sweet. we fell asleep kissing. in my dream, we were living at a friend of mines; under their sink. very spacious, but still. all of a sudden, we were in a room. well lit and lived in. i was staring down at an infant. the cutest kid I've ever seen, actually. then i remembered that i was his mother. heavy and wonderful realization. i remembered having him, but don't remember any pain. when i thought about it, all i could recall was almost like a release, like my body did whatt it needed to do. he had long brown hair and it grew in the oddest fashion. like a grey moehawk under his hair. he had big, happy, brown eyes that shined when he smiled and laughed. i felt an overwhelming urge to protect him (i have siblings that i love very much and most have said that i practically raised them but i have never felt this connection to something or someone. like i could give them my life and it wouldn't be enough), and keep the smile on his face. he was so light when i lifted him, i kept feeling like i had to move him to keep him safe. he'd laugh when i picked him up and he had the sweetest laugh that you couldn't help but join in with. suddenly i woke up to a call from my mom. when i got off the phone i told my bf i was having a great dream he said he did too but it wasn't nearly similar and i decided against telling him mine. we've both agreed we are to young (22 and 24) and aren't even sure if we want to bring kids into this world. but i can't shake this amazing feeling i had seeing and holding that child. like i found a piece i didn't know was missing, and it was the main piece. once, long ago, while i was with an ex of two years at that time; i head a dream we had a child, but he was a toddler and i couldn't see his face clearly. that relationship ended due to him impregnating another woman. I've only been with this man about 5 months now and neither of us even wanted a relationship when things started and it kind of just fell into place.. I'm very happy and greatful, but now I'm a lil confused. any insight would be appreciated, ever just a thought or comment. thank you for your time.
Lorea R 2016-03-05 09:42:40
I just woke up from a dream of me holding a baby boy sleeping in my arms. He was so beautiful he was wrapped up in a light blue and white blanket. He was small and their was a sun light on him I don't know where I was. I didnt want to let him go i felt like nothing else mattered. My mother was standing over us I put him in her arms he started to wake up she was crying and smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't stop looking at him Once I woke up I keep having the feeling like I'm missing something I didn't want the dream to end I've been trying to figure out what it means to me.
Emily 2016-04-16 05:08:29
I had this exact same dream! This is so creepy. I felt so upset when I woke up. Would love to know what it means.
Shanell 2016-04-13 00:00:47
I just had the exactly same dream I kept waking up my waking up Nd my son wasn't there I felt like something was missing. But I don't AV any kids
Amarus 2016-02-09 12:06:23
I had a very interesting dream about having a baby boy. He was so beautiful and all i kept feeling was so proud of myself for having a baby. I currently do not have kids but i was honestly excited. The complexion of his skin was a bit confusing but i didnt care cause he was so cute!
cindy 2016-01-03 19:57:02
For about two months I constantly have dreams of my ex (good friend now) and a little boy telling us he loves us while watching movies.. being at my ex mother in laws watching movies playing with kids n a little boy leaving with me.. feeding twins while the father slept.. or carrying a healthy baby boy and us going to the store and many more...can anyone explain anything to me
Cindy 2016-01-03 19:11:44
Hello so for about two months I've had like five six dreams always a little boy..Each dream different ages, telling me he loves me, leaves with me, me feeding twins & carrying a healthy baby boy. I'm kinda curious what this means
ajoyber 2016-01-02 14:13:41
Lately I've been dreamIng about a beautifuL baby boy whom supposedly mine in the dream. Everytime I wake up from dreaming about that baby boy I tend to feel peace but lost at the same time. Does anyone know what that mean?

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