Free horoscope 2009 for the year of the earth Ox

2009 horoscope the year of the Ox
2009 year is the year of the earth Ox and 26 year in sixty-year cycle. As the Chinese astrology tells us, the Ox sign is the sign of prosperity found through fortitude and hard work. Such year as 2009 year of the earth Ox has a straight and unprejudiced nature though sometimes reveals hidden secrets without due thought, inadvertently hurt someone's feelings and offend others. It should turn out to be the prosperous year for those hard thinkers and active planners who believe in and relay on a teamwork, running own business or work independently.
Horoscope 2009 year of the Ox - heavenly stem
Stem: Chi
Element: earth
Color: yellow
Taste: sweet
Horoscope 2009 year of the Ox - earth branch
Branch: Chou
Animal: Ox
Season: late winter
Direction: North North East
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