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2010 August Horoscope

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Monthly August 2010 Horoscope
Monthly August 2010 Horoscope

August 2010 is going to be quite tense. During this period some external circumstances will interfere with successful resolution of development and stability issues. No one should be in a hurry to make a choice though it may seem that the decision should have been made long time ago. Unruffled calm and reasonable assessment of perspectives and your own possibilities will help you cope with the trials and tribulations which may happen during this period of your life. It's essential to keep your current lifestyle while August 2010 but you shouldn't refuse new possibilities either. This is a period of important changes: you'll have both to say goodbye to some habitual things and introduce something new to your routine. To keep your life stable and to make right decisions any of these changes should be done in a logical and consistent manner. You may find yourself at a junction of two absolutely different ways with their intrinsic pluses and minuses. It's very important for you to make a choice consciously being aware of all pros and cons. Generally speaking, it's better to make a decision during the first half of August. Due to Mercury retrograde movement while the second half of the month making a choice might take much longer than expected and the decisions made might eventually turn out to be not entirely right. If you don't manage to decide anything during the first half of August 2010, the second one should be devoted to detailed analysis of the situation. This tense period will gradually come to naught by the end of the month.

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