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June 2010 monthly horoscope
The most important astrological event of June 2010 will be conjunction of the planet Jupiter and Uranus - a couple of these planets that will enter Aries right before conjunction. This means that absolutely new and totally unexpected possibilities, which seemed to be unrealistic before, may open up during this period of the 2010 year of the white Tiger. These days may bring brilliant ideas and great opportunities, especially for people of creative professions. Scientific breakthroughs that might lay the foundation of a new phase of science and give us a chance to reconsider the existing worldview are quite possible. If we examine this cosmic scenario in relation to an individual, the planetary tendency will have significant impact on creative abilities and new talents disclosure. During these days the personal growth may be very impetuous.

While June 2010 don’t hesitate to seize new chances and realize ideas that now seems to you just absurd or impracticable. Your personal relationships will be peaceful and stable during the first half of the month. Many of you will come to conclusion that this is the right time to make a family and even new encounters may be intended for the same goal. Your couple life will be placed under the sign of sensuality, stability and understanding. Fast decision making is going to be difficult during the first half of June, your thinking will be way too practical. The rest of the month will bring to your life more communication and curiosity. These days any dialogue is going to be more dynamic but also superficial. Your personal relationships won’t be boring – your love affairs are going to be delicious and passionate and you’ll certainly feel respectful proud of your loved one.
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