Weekly Financial Forecast For Week Starting 27th June 2011

In terms of astrological placement, following major positions are expected to play out

Monday 27th June: Moon will be in Aries
Tuesday 28th June: Moon will be in Taurus
Wednesday 29th June: Moon will be in Taurus and transit to Gemini
Thursday 30th June: Moon will be in Gemini
Friday 1st July: Moon will be in Gemini and transit to Cancer

Saturn will gain some momentum in forward direction through he will stay in Virgo for another 3 months. Mercury will be leaving his own house Gemini and transit to Cancer. Next week happens to be the Futures and Options Expiry week on major indices and will witness some manipulations on index values. Tread with caution. 5th July will bring the next turning point and you will receive updates on what to anticipate for that period next week.

As expected, 21st June brought about some changes in the financial markets. The pull-pack of the euro was arrested significantly although the Greek temporary bailout seems to be in order. Dow rallied to 12k zone as expected prior to Fed announcements and although the Fed did not extend the QE program, it said that stimulus will be provided as expected. Hope investors profited with long positions in Dollar and Dow last week on dips.

Forecast for Dow: Some profit booking is expected and a visit to 11600 levels is due. Whilst last week was 'Buy on Dips', this week we will favor a 'Sell on Rise' strategy for Dow

Forecast for FTSE: Whilst most of the disturbing news has been factored in and the fall was arrested well on time (on 20th June), FTSE will remain range bound and the upside seems capped at 5850 as of now. Sell on rise is the preferred strategy

Forecast for Nifty: Nifty will continue to mirror the movements in Dow during the morning and FTSE in the afternoon. Expected range is 5348 to 5532

Forecast for Euro-USD: Expect range bound movements between 1.39 and 1.43 during the week; Sell on Rise recommended

Forecast for GBP-USD: Expect range bound movements between 1.58 and 1.62 during the week; Sell on Rise recommended

Forecast for USD-JPY: JPY may depreciate further vis a vis USD; Long positions closer to 79-80 can be profitable; Buy on Dips recommended

Forecast for USD-CHF: USD is expected to pull back slightly against the CHF and buy on dips is a good strategy; Buy on Dips recommended

Forecast for Gold: Gold is expected to remain range bound between 1515 and 1550; Both 'Buy on Dips' and 'Sell on Rise' strategy is recommended

Forecast for Silver: Silver is expected to fall back against a rising dollar and Sell on rise is the recommended strategy

Disclaimer: The views expressed here by the author are fully personal based on a combination of astrological and financial market knowledge. The author hopes and prays for your profit but assumes no responsibility for either profits or losses arising from trading positions. It is recommended that one should consult a personal qualified investment advisor for better trading decisions.