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2012 February Horoscope

Free February 2012 monthly Horoscope

Monthly February 2012 Horoscope
Monthly February 2012 Horoscope

Spirituality, creativity and the arts all come to the forefront in February, as Neptune at last enters the monastery—the sign of Pisces—where it will reside for the next 13 years. This happening also will usher in a worldwide tendency for people of all signs to want to preserve peace and the natural order of things on planet Earth. This will be a time of spiritual rebirth for most signs and those who seek to achieve the greatest success will focus their energies on change and a rethinking of their core spiritual and religious beliefs.

On the downside, Neptune's influence also brings with it economic turmoil and potentially catastrophic social unrest. This period could see the complete or partial collapse and bankruptcy of many large corporations, banks and other economic entities which in today's light seem all but impervious to great change. To exacerbate the situation, many countries could witness out-and-out revolution and governmental coups due to unrest among their citizens. These changes will have worldwide repercussions to which virtually no country will be immune.

This chaos wrought by Neptune's presence in Pisces spreads unabated from the economic and social worlds into the natural, where there will be great accelerations in climate change, even more than has been predicted by many scientists who study the phenomenon. With the acceleration of global warming will come bizarre weather anomalies such as snowfall in the summer and rain during the winter months. Disastrous floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural catastrophes will occur with ever-increasing frequency, until they become commonplace.

During the first two weeks of February, the Sun joins with Mercury in a conjunction within the sign of Aquarius. With the planets in the position, the world will see a time of great exchanges of information, most notably in the areas of politics and education. All signs will undergo an increased drive to gain new knowledge and develop new skills. The advertising world plays a great part in disseminating this information and bringing new ideas and concepts to the average man on the street. The information gleaned during this time could well be of a very personal or even religious nature, or it could come in the form of scientific advances. The opportunities for great advancements within the medical and health care communities also is very likely. Look to this month to be a record-breaker with regard to breakthroughs in the fields of mental health care, specifically with regard to drug, hormone or genetic therapies.

In the second half of the month, with the Sun in Pisces, Neptune's particular importance will lead many to indulge in spiritual and idealistic quests. This time may find many questioning their core belief systems and changing church and/or governmental affiliations. Idealistic aspirations will guide many toward doing good deeds and working for volunteer organizations dedicated to improving the lot of humanity as a whole. This trend also will account for an upswing in charitable contributions across the board, but specifically to charities which minister to the needs of people in impoverished or disaster-stricken areas of the world.

Many will feel the inclination to help other people and participate more fully than ever before in charitable events. Additionally, all signs will feel an unaccustomed inclination toward reflection. The meaning of life and the goal of understanding it will suddenly seem less ridiculous, even to the most cynical among us. Many who have never been particularly religious will find themselves turning to spirituality as a means of making sense of an increasingly chaotic world. The downside of this is that some will lose all touch with reality and forego common sense in favor of easy answers. The person who comes out of all this successfully will be the one able to best keep his or her head and sense of perspective. All should do their best to stay clear of cruel deceptions and those who would twist faith to their own nefarious ends.

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