Capricorn Horoscope for February 2012

February 2012 Horoscope Capricorn

Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn for February 2012

Monthly February 2012 Horoscope for Capricorn
Monthly February 2012 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Capricorn

You will likely see more than your share of problems this month when it comes to home, family and your emotional well-being this month. With your family planet, Mars, in retrograde, you find yourself at a bit of a crossroads where there is a definite lack of direction and a feeling of uncertainty regarding the best path to take toward your future. You should do everything you can to give your family the attention they deserve, while at the same time doing your best to avoid making any important decisions. If you simply must make a big choice, do so only after examining all the aspects involved.

Your financial peak is still going strong, which should make it possible for you to obtain cash for any sort of investment. Keep in mind that you must continue with any sales and marketing campaigns you began earlier, even if that means tapping into more creative financing options. Fortunately, money is easily accessible from outside sources now. It's possible that a spouse or partner will be willing to help you out for a while.

When it comes to personal finances, you need to get rid of excess overhead and unnecessary costs. Whatever excess spending you've been doing, now is the time to bring it to a halt. You may discover if you do that your resources will go further than they have in the past. In fact, if you're careful with your money, you will find that you're able to handle all your expenses easily and even have something left over for a rainy day. During the last half of the month you will be extraordinarily lucky where money is concerned and you may find a surprising source of revenue from an old boss or family member. A raise or promotion could be in your immediate future.

Your ability to communicate is strong now with Neptune moving into a lengthy run in the 3rd house. This is a good time to begin promoting any project you've been working on. Don't forget to use every medium at your disposal from email campaigns to mass mailings to more traditional forms of advertising. If you want your new venture to be a success, you're going to have to make sure people know about it. Education will play an important role in your life in February, either education of the formal variety or just obtaining new "street smarts."

Marital problems—not yours, but those of a close family member—could cut into your time this month. You'll have to allocate some time to dealing with their travails and may be called upon to play the peacemaker. Don't hesitate to lend a hand in whatever way you can. In the end, things will work out for the best. Do what you can to keep a loved one "in the pink" with regard to emotional and financial needs. Someday, the roles may be reversed and they will remember your kindness and concern.

Your health is good now, but you can improve it further. Give special attention to exercising your feet and legs. Your spiritual health is also in need of a little renovation at this time. Take some time to get in touch with your non-material side. Avoid hasty decisions.

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