Capricorn The Zodiac Sign

Capricorn The Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiacal Characteristics

Basic traits of Capricorn' character December 22 - January 20

The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn typically begins on December 22nd or 23rd, not December 21st, as the start date can shift slightly each year due to the way the solar year and calendar year don't perfectly align. Additionally, the influence of astrological signs is more of a gradual transition rather than a strict on-off switch, so the idea of Capricorn not coming into its full power until December 28th is not precisely how astrology is typically interpreted, and astrological "cusp" effects can vary. Here's a revised version of your text with these modifications and some grammatical adjustments:

The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn typically starts around December 22nd or 23rd. Although its influence can be felt immediately, astrologers often suggest that its energies gradually intensify and become more apparent over the following days. It remains strong until about January 19th or 20th, after which it slowly gives way to the energies of Aquarius. Those born between January 20th and January 22nd may exhibit traits of both Capricorn and Aquarius, as they are born during the "cusp" - though the notion of cusps is not universally accepted in astrology.

Those born under Capricorn are often characterized by their ambition and destined pursuit of their goals. Capricorns possess a sense of purpose and have immense trust in their abilities.

Individuals born in January are typically mentally strong, but they may sometimes feel misunderstood by others. They are often deep thinkers and reasoners, finding success in business or governmental endeavors. Capricorn is a driven Cardinal Earth sign, ruled by Saturn - the planet associated with challenges and perseverance.

Capricorns prize independence and hold high standards in all their activities, with a strong aversion to being constrained by others. They are patient, knowing that time works in their favor; life often becomes more manageable for them as they age, and they generally grow more jovial over time.

Leadership is crucial to a Capricorn's engagement with their endeavors. They may lose interest if not in charge. Despite their serious demeanor, Capricorns often conceal a sensitive and supportive nature, coupled with an understated sense of humor.

Their unconventional views on love, duty, and social status can lead to perceptions of eccentricity, distancing them from peers or neighbors. Security is a key concern for them, and they strive to understand others’ feelings and needs. Capricorns are proud and not quick to forgive slights or insults.

Capricorns are effective communicators, thanks to their careful preparation rather than spontaneous oratory skills.

They may appear detached, but they possess compassion for those who suffer. Capricorns are generally more inclined to give generously to institutions rather than individuals.

Fear can be a significant source of concern for Capricorns, and addressing their anxieties is crucial. They admire intelligence and seldom meddle in others’ affairs and expect the same respect for their privacy.

Capricorns often thrive in public service, excelling in governance or managerial positions where they can exercise control and oversee others.

Their capacity to endure adversity with a philosophical outlook is notable. Capricorn individuals may face trials in their domestic lives, feeling isolated even when they're not. Domestic stability is valued, and once they commit to love, they are steadfast in maintaining the union.

The narrative of Capricorn can encompass both triumphs and trials. They may face adversity or make significant sacrifices, but they also have the potential for profound success and integrity. An affinity for nature and agriculture is also common among those born under this sign.

♑ Capricorn - The Sign of the Sea Goat

The symbol of this sign is representative of a purposeful man. These people always have a strong purpose, and in trying to reach it, use all possible means. Capricorns sweep away absolutely everything, working precisely, definitely and rigidly while getting to their target. While rigidly, this does not mean rectilinearly. They can be guileful and artful working everything out delicately. It is difficult to catch them red-handed.

💁 Capricorn' Friends

A representative of this sign as a friend is loyal, kind, caring, and often very generous to his/her friends. Capricorns gain something special from long-term friendships. They usually make the most solid and best friendships with people who are born in their own period.

🚑 Capricorn' Health

As a rule, these people are more inclined to suffer from indigestion, rheumatism, and pains in the feet.

🎨 Capricorn' Colors

The colors which give the most suitable vibrations to persons born in this period, which are the most beneficial to them, are all tones of grey, all ranges of violet and purple, and also black.

⛰ Capricorn' Stones

The birth stones for this period are moon-stones, pearls, and amethysts.

♑ Horoscopes for Capricorn

Capricorn The Zodiac Sign

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Comments: Capricorn The sign of the Zodiac

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alex danahy 2022-10-04 19:43:09
My sun is aries but my moon is capricorn and I'm restless like I need to do better in life but fear of the unknown holds me back and just low self confidence witch I think comes from capricorn.
Enedina Castaneda 2021-10-01 11:32:55
Born 12/30 love Blue colors I work with people and I like my job.
Amy Joan 2021-09-08 17:12:00
I was born fav color is purple and I have always loved saturn when learning in school. its just so beautiful.
Unknown Capricorn 2021-07-28 18:42:58
Everything that was in this was true. Though, I do have other reasons to why people think I'm odd- sometimes I'm caught picking stuff up that I dropped with my feet! Also my ideal jobs are being a chef, a vet, or an author. Other than that, everything it says about Capricorns are true
Jimmy Snookers 2020-05-22 18:41:58
Absolutely True. I was born at night in the woods. My momma believed in a natural birth. My Goat dad was very proud. I now live in the City with
my Lady. We have conjoined twins whom speak 2 languages at once. Last year I shed my skin. I am Now Free to walk at Night.
Miranda 2019-08-13 18:15:11
Born Dec 29 everything spoken was so true except for my favorite color, is royal blue, and I do like purple but not grey, very is dull to Mr! My opinion! Thanks y'all ??????????????????????????????????????????
Usman 2019-02-15 20:35:39
born on 13 January. absolutely right
Charmaine 2019-02-05 21:01:41
absolutely true about myself what will 2019 hold in store
Tochukwu 2019-01-09 03:01:32
Perfect about me really..
samaya 2018-10-19 17:21:35
hi I'm looking for car and I really want to see pictures of Capricorns and girl pictures are Capricorns like this on please I love these Capricorns cuz I'm one and I want to send Leo's all those and stuff all over
adrian 2018-09-05 09:05:17
Born on the 2nd and 95% of this is so me down to a tee. 😨
OLUSEGUN 2018-08-10 00:05:27
very amazement ,thanks you much in advance

Emma 2018-04-04 23:41:26
December 22, a fresh new Cap,all my Caps raise your hands only thing it left out was how hilarious we are idk bout y'all but everyone tells me that I'm super funny an when it comes to love I'm hard headed
Johnnie Sue 2022-06-11 10:55:34
Dec. 22 here also, we were also born on the winter solstice. Love being a cappy! I myself feel as if I'm the funniest person I know!!
Cary Acker 2018-04-04 08:36:53
This is me spot on. I'm 27th. I'm too generous, I'm loyal 110 not by choice. I have to lead my crew. It's all spot on 99.8%
david 2017-12-23 15:52:56
born on the 7th of January and not one point made in this article represents me.

a lot of nonsense
Ally 2017-10-01 16:14:48
Describe me 98% 😝
Nikki 2017-09-18 03:02:44
This discribes me the only thing I don't do is give up my soul to gain the world I'm not trying to go to hell
Girma 2017-09-14 12:25:14
I, Cap., have got a lot of valuable info., and learned about myself. Thank U All!!!
Matthew 2017-08-29 21:23:13
This almost completely describes me about 95% of this is true about me. Was born on Jan. 10th and my favorite color is dark blue.
jon 2017-12-05 21:59:13
that's my favorite color too!!! I was also born on January 10th!!!! crazy
Brea 2017-07-23 12:15:16
oh also I'm a january 5ther...
Brea 2017-07-23 12:10:09
pretty good. hey we should tell one of our favorite jokes to each other to see if our humor is similar. ill go first, hmmm ok hopefully this wont offend anybody, why is santa so jolly?
Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.
Elva-Mae 2017-07-11 16:12:46
nearly me my sense of humour is good and I was born January 3rd
Aaron 2017-05-18 11:51:37
this is us this me caps rule born Jan 19th
Alisha 2017-04-17 19:39:24
I was born on January 7th - Russian Christmas.
almost all this is true but the colors not really I'm not a fan of gray or purple black is okay but i like dark red.
LA 2017-07-21 19:46:10
7th here, too! Birthday twin - very fitting, even the colors

Zarielle 2017-04-08 23:03:25
This is 95% me I can be cruel but can't my favorite color is any color but any dark blue I was born December 31st 2003
Helen 2017-04-01 09:07:10
I was born January 1st and I love garnet
Kennedy 2017-03-20 16:17:10
I love this site I looked on other sites and they totally are right and some things I didn't know about and it helps me learn about myself

Born January 17
Julie 2017-02-06 05:27:55
I was born January 7th
This is me all the way and I do work in government. My favorite colors are all shades of green, red, black, and grey.
Romilly 2017-01-09 13:42:08
I was born on the 31 december
Sondra 2017-01-08 10:03:53
Born January 13 - extremely accurate.
Tracy 2017-02-05 15:32:21
Happybnirthday to us and yes very accurate

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