January 2013 Horoscope Pisces

January 2013 Horoscope Pisces

January 2013 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

January ahead for you Pisces is a month of learning about yourself, taking time to meditate, and listening to your inner child. It is a time for winding down after the holidays and getting in sync with your career and your family. Finances will require very careful management during January and you need to polish your time management skills. Stay away from crowded and loud places during January. Your highly psychic feelings will be so offended if you go into places where the language is crass and the atmosphere is too high.

You may want to do home improvements during January. Be careful about knocking holes in walls and redoing windows; it is really too cold. However, if you paint and polish that would be awesome. You are very adaptable to any changes that will happen, Pisces this includes changes in your home environment. You want to be comfortable, and January will bring you comfort and fun. Go with the flow and do what your partner wants to do! This will cause less stress.

January is a month of new beginnings and this might just be the perfect month for you to change your appearance. A make-over is in order and will be so satisfactory. Make this the month you also resolve to be more in control of your emotions. You are highly sensitive to outside influences and this often clouds your judgment. During the first of January you may find a new partner, but beware by the end of the year this partnership will be over.

As you pack up from the holidays take time to organize and reorder the rest of your closets and drawers. Find new spaces for decorations and spring and summer clothes and throw away those thing you don't need any more. January is the beginning of a new you!

Relationships will be a priority after January 11th. Throw parties with friends and host a party of your own towards the end of the month. The 9thor 25th would be a perfect time for you party. You may find that an old friend or a old romantic interest comes back in early or mid-January. Be prepared.

Success and money are always critical . Finances could come between you and a friend or perhaps an organization. You will be asked to contribute more to a charity than you have ever done before. Weigh the consequences. Payments from those who owe you money or even an insurance settlement will be delayed and what you expect on the 2nd of January may not get to you until the 20th.

Tensions will arise at work and it will make the 1st week of January particularly difficult. This may be a test to see how much you can handle and if you should be awarded new projects. Take heart; take it as a test and don't fail.

Your great days are the 1st and 2nd of January as well as the 1th and 15th. Go all out on the 25th and 30th and stay inside on the 31st. You need to take particular care on the 4th and 6th as well as the 10th and 12th. Do be even more cautious on the 24th.

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