Pisces Horoscope for January 2014

January 2014 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for January 2014

Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly January 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces, the final sign of the zodiacal belt, will experience a fairly stable life stage in January 2014. This is because most of the energy of the celestial bodies in the Solar Systems will be in its most balanced state, due to some local or general celestial combinations. Of course, we consider combinations that are affecting specifically Pisces. For example, Mercury is in charge of the "expulsion" of the sign, as well as Jupiter, which will decide to turn from a stable ally (as the planet-ruler) into a worst enemy, will meet unexpected resistance from the "celestial leader" of Pisces - Black Moon. This astral body will instantaneously calm presumptuous opponents and provide Pisces with a stable and balanced development in all areas of their lives. Only during the full moon (January 16) and in the two or three days that follow are there likely to be some conflicts caused by the weakening of the Black Moon power when its ordinary sister rises. However, Venus will provide Pisces with a passive positive energy all month round, though of course it is not as powerful as the active energy of the Black Moon.

Overall, in terms of business activity, Pisces can hardly count on some unimaginable bonuses but will also avoid significant conflicts. However, the stars recommend you pay attention to your business partners. All of the problems that may arise in your life during this period, will likely come from this source. Even if not clearly and independently, then definitely with high correlation. So be careful, not only during the regular signing of a business agreement, but also in time of ordinary conversations with the people whom you consider to be your business partners. For those Pisces that do not have their own business, the danger are most likely your colleagues. So you do not have to fear any technical glitches in production or extremely hard tasks from management. But there is a possibility that someone from your local environment will start digging you a hole.

In terms of personal relationships, the Black Moon guarantees you complete protection from external influences, but for the phenomena of the internal nature it will not be able to apply its shield. On the contrary, being a powerful, but with that an unstable astral body, the Black Moon always provides endless opportunities for which it charges an appropriate fee. For protection from competitors, the envious haters, and other unworthy connections the Black Moon will take away your peace of mind. In view of this fact, establishing and fixing communication with family and friends will not be easy. However, this does not mean that having quarreled with everyone in the first ten days of the month, you will continue to sit quietly in a corner and wait for this unfortunate position to end, unable to defend yourself. You should know how to take away benefit for yourself and others (this is important!) in any situation. Your celestial leader will give you the strength for open struggle with the enemies, so why not help your friends in solving their problems too, if they do not have the energy for it themselves? Instead, the Black Moon robs you of sensitivity, so why not apply yourself to a situation that does best without feelings, such as having an absolutely objective outside point of view? Intelligently manipulate your capabilities and then you will be able to use your gift and the curse of the Black Moon in the most efficient manner.

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