Pisces Horoscope for March 2014

March 2014 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for March 2014

Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly March 2014 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

The sign of Pisces, the concluding sign of the celestial band, will face a situation in March 2014 where the different spheres of its life will have absolutely different combinations of external factors, and thus will differ significantly in terms of the general atmosphere and the forecasted events. In other words, if the Pisces will be quite successful on the work front, then in terms of personal relationships it is hard to be positive. Mercury, responsible for the "expulsion" of the Pisces sign, due to several stellar combinations this month will change its attitude towards the representatives of this sign and will try to be as positive of an influence as possible. Jupiter will help, as it is the planet-exalt of Pisces. He will protect the people born under this sign from the various negative emanations of such planets as Uranus and Neptune. However, it will come short in strength from blocking the negativity of Venus. Especially since Venus is the planet-exalt for the Pisces, and thus her negative influence will be much more destructive than one could expect.

Nevertheless, in terms of the business and financials the Pisces sign will be quite successful in March 2014. You should no doubt that many of your initiatives, which previously lacked support from either management or colleagues, will suddenly be acclaimed as having potential. It is evident that this threatens you with increased attention and will put you into a special situation. If for any reason, one of your initiatives remains without due attention then feel comfortable reminding everyone about it. Currently there is a high probability that even your insignificant ideas will be in high demand and it is impossible to imagine which one of your initiatives will be the most successful one. One thing is certain - active work will be the root of your success. With that, if you work for yourself then concentrate on the moments that connect you to your business partners in one way or another, or possible even to your competitors. Currently, with combined strength (assuming that the people that you will be working with are just as well wise and persistent) you will be able to achieve unparalleled results. While the profit may not be that high, but the result of the operation will be a great impulse for the further development of your business in an absolutely unanticipated direction. In other words, do not be afraid to experiment or change something. You have all that is required for success.

In regards to personal relationships, the stars recommend that during the first days of the month you focus yourself and be in an alert state and state with maximum self-control until the very end of the last ten-day period. Otherwise, you can easily miss that moment, when between some of your close ones a conflict will emerge, one that can eventually bring about unwanted consequences to you. Be vigilant and try to prevent conflict situations right at their start. Also, do not forget to watch your back. Your "second half" might become excessively aggressive and uncontrollable due the powerful and aggressive influence of Venus. To neutralize this effect you need to put your lover in your place when the time demands it. Do not be afraid to get expressive, if you think this is necessary. Just do not go overboard, consider that even those that are wrong also have feelings that are truly very easily damaged.

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