Pisces Horoscope for December 2015

December 2015 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for December 2015

Monthly December 2015 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly December 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

This sign, traditionally the final on the celestial band of the zodiac, will experience quite a dynamic life stage in December 2015, but not as positive as we would all like. On the one hand, the zodiac sign of Pisces does not have to deal with some kind of superhuman tasks or the stars predicting its total defeat. However, the situation is complicated by a rather negative aspect: Mercury, traditionally responsible for the expulsion of the sign of Pisces, will be enhanced by a whole new order through its interstellar position and the influence of some external astral combinations. In fact, this effect is so strong that Pisces will have nearly all their cards mixed. This point is clearly necessary to consider before planning any event, one way or another connected with the sphere of finance and entrepreneurship. The rest will be all in perfect order, as Venus, the planet-exalt of this sign will supply all your needs - vital energy and resources. At the same time, Jupiter, playing the role of the world-ruler of the sign of Pisces, will also retain his position and while without any large third party gains, its effect will be sufficient to solve any problem not related to the field of business.

That is why in the working direction the zodiac sign Pisces is better to stay quiet in December 2015. Do not seek to take on more projects and cases, instead consistently perform your current tasks. After December 12 (New Moon), you can gradually increase the pace, increasing your influence in certain areas. Your impact should reach apotheosis during December 28-29. Then you will have a chance to survive this stage without any losses. The main thing is in any case, not to rush into a conflict, even if you are forced to and especially if you clearly provoked. You define those who really should not be trusted, and in the future, this information will be overarching for you. Do not doubt your findings, they will be obvious. Do not think that you are alone, in fact you are not. Do not make unreasonable action guided by feelings, they will let you down. Think about what will happen after - what will the consequences of a situation be. Be more far-sighted than your opponents, otherwise you will not be able to resist and will fail. This will knock you out for a long time out of the rut. Trust only yourself, especially when it comes to personal things.

As for the specifically sensory-emotional area, the zodiac sign of Pisces should not be afraid of serious problems in any way in December 2015. You will have the desire and you will have the opportunities. Even if you stand in front of some obstacles, it is unlikely that you will not be able to overcome them. Do not doubt yourself and do not hesitate in front of those who are dear to you. Do what you need to do and if you want to - look for support from loved ones. Your significant other will now be especially gentle and honest, so it is unlikely you will have problems with personal relationships. Among your friends, the situation will be no less positive, especially if you will be able to realize some long-held idea of yours that, perhaps, has long been a pipe dream. Collect all of the people whom you would want to see next. No matter what excuse you come up with, what is important is that you were able to do it. Now you will have everything you need for this. What will you get? A fundamental change in outlook. Neither for the better nor worse. You will gain a different vision, a more real, perhaps a more pragmatic one, yet one that is more extensive and complete. Many aspire for it all for their entire life, so why miss the chance?

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