Pisces Horoscope for October 2015

October 2015 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for October 2015

Monthly October 2015 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly October 2015 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

The zodiac sign of Pisces may find October 2015 to be a positive and a frankly carefree time, when in fact a key aspect of the situation will be that the representatives of this sign will be in a fairly unusual situation, due to the position of Venus, the planet-exalt of the sign of Pisces. Venus will be repeatedly reinforced by her interstellar position and her power will be incredibly strong and dynamic, so that people born under the sign of Pisces may sometimes find that the whole world is living with them in unison, contributing to their every whim. In fact, it is an exceptional situation to which you should not get used to, but use which you must. In addition, Jupiter, which has traditionally played the role of the planet-ruler of this sign, will be no less favorable to his wards. This means that the negative influence of Mercury, responsible for the expulsion of Pisces, will be completely neutralized. In this case, Pisces will not receive any specific support manifesting in the appearance of any particular positive situation or set of circumstances in a given life direction. Support will be strong, but somewhat generic.

In other words, with respect to the working direction, the stars will provide Pisces with an incredibly powerful weapon in October 2015. They will teach the Pisces to use it, and for the rest - they will provide complete freedom of action. It should be noted that in fact it is very difficult to give Pisces any specific advice, because in addition to above mentioned points, the stars practically deny elaborating. It is only necessary to note that great power imposes a great responsibility, so it is not worth mindlessly spending your capabilities to meet the momentary whims. This is not only counter-productive, it directly affect your future in not the best way. Therefore it is good to think before doing something. In general, we can say that the stars recommend you to be as active as possible, which is logical. With virtually unlimited supply of vital energy, it would be a mistake to sleep more than six hours per day. Full-time work and dedication can no doubt result in a flurry of activity that will surprise not only those around you, but also yourself.

In terms of the sensory-emotional sphere, the zodiac sign of Pisces will find a no less surprising and reassuring direction in October 2015. From the first days of the month, you will feel that you can solve the problem of every person on Earth. Yet the stars recommend to concentrate on your loved ones. First of all, pay attention to your lover, support her, and in any case, do not exclude her from your problems, no matter how silly or unimportant you will find them to be. Do whatever it takes to make your second half feel perfectly self. Ensure yourself that you have a reliable back-up in order to move forward. By the way, there is a high probability that you might start a sudden affair on the side. The stars will not condemn you, because they do not judge the human world in this way. You will have a real opportunity to keep everything in secret and openly enjoy the situation. However, is that the right thing to do? Remember that the most obvious answer is not necessarily the one of being faithful, so think carefully before answering. You will still have to make a decision and much sooner than you can imagine. So be very careful and in terms of doubt the truth will be on your side.

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Wait a year
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I am waiting to get a job, I hope it will be in this month..

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