Pisces Horoscope for January 2016

January 2016 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for January 2016

Monthly January 2016 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly January 2016 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

For most zodiac signs, Jupiter in January of 2016 will play the key role of antagonist. However, in the case of Pisces, you will observe a radically opposite situation. For you, Jupiter, even in its traditional position, acts as the ruler-planet, which is your main defender that shields you from the most dangerous astronomical emanations. At this moment, its protection and patronage will be reinforced, as a result of which you will go through a quite dynamic and unambiguously positive time. You will receive a huge influx of positive energy, which will increase due to the traditional benevolence of Mercury, which is your exaltation and is responsible for the blossoming of the vitality of your sign. As a result of such a powerful impact, it is difficult to determine to which degree the life of Pisces will receive more advantages. This positivity is more likely to be evenly distributed, but this does not suggest that Pisces will not have to put some effort into this process. On the contrary, representatives of this zodiac sign will stay moderately active at home, but they will act strategically rather than going with the flow. Many people will discover new talents that will turn out to be very useful on their way to success.

In terms of work, it is worth mentioning that Pisces, in January of 2016, will be faced with a number of not very standard situations. Your competitors are likely to take some quite unusual actions against you at the onset of the second decade of the month. Do not be afraid of it, nor pay attention, because all those feeble efforts will be absolutely meaningless, as Jupiter will protect you with its immediate, let's say, pivotal defensive reaction. If you do not run your own business, then at the beginning of the working year set the bar as high as possible, regardless of sarcastic remarks of your colleagues. After all, they aren't aware of your new potential! Just don't "turn up your nose" too high, because all those latest "bonuses" will be possible only in the event that your own actions prove extremely positive and constructive. Respond swiftly, but reasonably prudent, to the events happening around you; you're ready for anything, no doubt, but don't forget to reflect on your actions. Generally speaking, a competent analysis will be far more important now than anything else, including the speed of your reactions.

Your "love life" will develop in pretty much the same way. In January 2016, your primary antagonists will demonstrate their capabilities in all their glory. However, they will gain nothing from it, whereas it will allow you, as they say, to face the truth. You will probably be very surprised after some of your friends, who you may have considered your best ones, will prove to be "disloyal". But even this scenario will bring nothing terrible, and you'll face all this gracefully. Thus, if there is no reason for concern, then you will be able to take it easy and respond competently and extremely sensibly. With regard to relations with your significant other, this harbor will be peaceful and tranquil with no apparent storms. Even ordinary minor household quarrels will be almost nonexistent. In general, January will be an excellent time to once again (even for the hundredth or thousandth times) demonstrate to your "second half" the depth of your own feelings. Finally invest in yours spiritual development! Go to the theater or, at least, to a concert. This will not only bring diversification into your life and fill your heart with new experiences, but it will also seriously strengthen your psychological health. As has already been mentioned, January of 2016 will definitely be successful for you, regardless of the undertakings to which you dedicate your time.

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