Pisces Horoscope for April 2017

April 2017 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for April 2017

Monthly April 2017 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly April 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

For Pisces the second month of spring could be quite an unusual time. First of all, in April 2017, the Sun will be your key benefactor, which is out of character for your sign. Secondly, the influence of circumstances on your life will be minimal, which will give you greater freedom to act than usual. This will have the result that many situations in which you are not relying on yourself will require the closest attention. That is, your area of responsibility will suddenly grow, and you will have to work to the limit. But you mustn't be afraid, because in reality this will involve positive trends, which will change your life in the most radical ways. It will be enough just to focus on your ultimate goals and everything else will start to work out, sometimes a lot better than it has thus far. The work sphere will literally break out in a series of new opportunities which you hadn't paid any attention to earlier for some reason. Of course you shouldn't jump straight into the deep end, you must first make sure you know where the bottom is… The situation will develop in a roughly analogous way in the area of personal relationships. There's no doubt that now many single Pisces will find their fate to some degree. There is a good chance that this will involve love, but it could also be friendship, which, you will agree, is also very important. But be careful with your desires. The unfavorable position of Venus could bring spontaneous negativity into your life if you don't control yourself.

Anyway, in April 2017 the work sphere for Pisces could be seriously different, depending on one simple circumstance - whether you have your own business or whether you work for somebody else. This is important because different positions will be characterized by fundamentally different approaches to one and the same task. For example, the first ten-day period of the month will be incredibly dynamic, and that's a fact. But for those who work for themselves it makes sense to think not about growing their business, but about improving its quality, as this will provide the most real prospects. Likewise it makes sense for those who don't have their own business to think about extensive but not intensive growth. That is, they are advised to take on as many projects as possible, and not to focus all their efforts and resources on one specific thing. The situation will be analogous for your competitors. Pisces business men should lie low for a while, set an ambush, and only at the start of the third ten-day period should they start to fight. In this way they will be able to achieve the result they want in the shortest possible time. Pisces who don't work for themselves will have fewer competitors and enemies, but they can't delay confrontation, and have to act from the very first days of the month. Just don't let emotions get the upper hand. The position of Venus implies provocation, but the slightest deviation from a stable perception of the world around will inevitably turn into a catastrophe, so get a grip on yourself and don't let circumstances overwhelm you.

In April 2017 the "romantic front' will be more stable for Pisces. At least in this regard no radical differences between single Pisces and those who are already in a relationship are foreseen. With respect to this area, something else is important. The likelihood of getting married is quite high. Your chances of finding your true love are a little bit lower, but also present to a sufficient extent that it would make sense to pay attention to them. The main thing is to stay vigilant. At the start of the month you will probably be in quite an unstable state, your position will be characterized by ambiguity and lack of self-confidence. You mustn't fight this, you must let this transform itself independently into something tangible. You would do best to focus on current developments, especially those which take place among your loved ones. Don't play on the sidelines, and if you see that somebody is being a hypocrite, expose them immediately, without regard for personal feelings. Sometimes you have to be objective and impartial even towards your relatives. Of course it's better to do this without resorting to radical measures, since at the end of the day your family is your base, the foundation of your existence. Overall, we're dealing with a good period in your life, which could bring you many smiles. Just don't forget the position of Venus, who could easily cooperate with Pluto and stop you from implementing your plans. In order to stop this from happening, under no circumstances must you take risks or act in circumstances which are characterized by too many variables.

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