Pisces Horoscope for August 2017

August 2017 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for August 2017

Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

Channeled Message - You might feel left out in some ways. Venus is very kind to your soul, heart, and career at this time. You also might work on your appearance and physical energy. Pisces, well you are working on continual dream! This is also true for all water signs as Neptune continuing a lovely journey in the home sign of Pisces. There is an energy surrounding earning respect for someone or something. Many of you might be thinking of moving onward or even physically moving at this time. This month has many ups and downs for you, but the overall theme is to connect you to a greater love, and one that you might not have been ready for many years ago. Let your dreams come into fruition, one day at a time! Some healthy outlets for you this month might include - spending time near water sources, hiking, nature work, painting, carpentry, sculpting, yoga, meditation, ocean or river cleanup. You can work with your own energy with some nice Lavender oils, Aquamarine stones, Moonstones, Bergamot oils, and Invigorating Teas! (Also read Cancer)

Career/Work - You might have your work life mix with your true passions at this time. Venus and Neptune are really beckoning you to continue forward with a dream. You might be in between one part of your career and another, or taking a step in the unknown. Venus in Cancer is helping you on an artistic level, and might add in a desirable amount of creativity into your day. If you are in the field of communications this might serve as a difficult time you during Mercury retrograde. The cycle is opposite your own sign in Virgo for the second half of the month. Things might move slower, or take more time to process.

Love/Spirituality - This is a very inspirational time for your sign. You could be with the person of your dreams, or you could be in a spiritual partnership that opens your mind. You might be on a spiritual quest at this time, or moving along the road of life with a group of like-minded comrades. Whatever the case here, you are in a real awakening phase that will open your mind towards the beauty of your own life. You might be in an experimental phase, and anything is possible. Your psychic and intuitive powers are very connected to the phases of life and might even result in premonitions this month. You were always connected to the river of life, and now the flow is growing stronger.

Abundance/Finances - As long as you enter your finances from a place of love, respect, and connectivity you will receive what you need. Friends, family, and trusted confidants are all around you when you need help. You will meet the right people at the right time whenever you are in doubt. There will be ups and downs this month, but seemingly things will clear up almost instantaneously and on their own. Keep your sights on the truth, and find yourself receiving guidance in the cycles of receptivity, abundance, and energy flow.

Health/Wellness - You might be a bit dreamy or disconnected from your grounding energy this month. You might need to focus on diet in a gentle way. This could mean taking things very carefully, eating small meals frequently, or even replacing certain meals with nutritious smoothies and juices. Try to watch-out for your sugar intake, as Neptune and Venus can be very tempting in the realms of unhealthy snacks and sweets. Natural and organic might be best, but is not always possible. Practicality in your choices is the best bet!

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - A deep wound is cleansed away in your own soul. This has been an ongoing process for over a year! Chiron, the wounded healer, is transforming something of your past, and reassessing it in your present. This might be a childhood wound that has taken a long time to even recognize for yourself. This is the ultimate time to completely get in touch with your spirituality, or any healing modality that truly makes you feel safe. You are supported by Vesta in Virgo, the asteroid of the home and hearth giving you a new take on an old story. You might even look towards a new safe place to live, or a place that you once imagined, but had no idea was possible! Moving or finding a new home is possible this month.

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