Pisces Horoscope for July 2017

July 2017 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for July 2017

Monthly July 2017 Horoscope for Pisces
Monthly July 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

In July 2017 the Zodiac sign of Pisces will have as much luck as they are ready for. In actual fact, we are dealing with quite a favorable period which will, however, have a number of significant nuances. The combined effect of Venus and Jupiter will allow Pisces to get out of any difficult conflict with flying colors, and there is the possibility of critical success. That is, at the same work place you may not only get a new job, but even jump a few levels at once, to your competitors' serious surprise. In the area of personal emotions, single Pisces could easily meet their fate, in the most direct sense. In this regard it must, however, be taken into consideration that we are not necessarily dealing with love (although this is also possible), this could also be friendship, some kind of emotional unity, especially the relationship of a student and a spiritual mentor. This will be a good, progressive stage, which will tend towards confident but not hurried movement forward. True, due to the unfavorable position of Mercury, strengthened by the Dark Moon, there could be serious problems. If you don't set your priorities properly, if you decide that outsiders' problems are more important than challenges with your loved ones (and precisely such situations could develop), instead of success you can expect a total collapse.

If we dwell on work in more detail, it's appropriate to point out that in July 2017 Cancers who do not have their own business really could open this business. This is not a particularly good time for spontaneous experiments, but a properly planned sequence of actions will definitely lead to a positive result. That's precisely why it's worth taking a risk now, if you have had thoughts about something similar for a long time. Just don't let yourself be lazy. This stage will be peaceful and quite calm, so you really could decide that it's necessary to move in the way assigned by the management, without being particularly distracted by external possibilities. There's nothing bad about this, but nothing particularly good either, to tell the truth, so it may make sense to reassess your positions. Those who have their own businesses can focus on their colleagues and business partners. Outside help won't get in the way now; cooperation will enable you to achieve much more productive results. Just don't forget that you also have quite a strong, but passive (from time to time) enemy in the heavenly belt this month. Your inability to make the necessary decisions quickly, staying in one place, or being unprepared for changes will play into Mercury's hands, and then you can expect not an increase in earnings, but a radically opposite trend.

In the sphere of personal relationships in July 2017, Pisces could get really lucky, as mentioned. There are a lot of possibilities, but right now it would make sense for you to focus on the ones which you personally like. Act confidently, but don't forget to look around and watch where you are going, as attentiveness and the ability to adapt to the situation quickly will enable you to achieve what you want, overtaking definite and potential opponents. If you want to win somebody's heart, you won't find a better time. In any other respect it would be better not to force developments. In particular, difficult situations directly relating to the family environment should only be dealt with if absolutely necessary, if a dilemma is about to turn into a conflict. In any other situation you will only spur the problem along, unwittingly sending it in a direction which will not lead to resolution. On the whole, married Pisces can just enjoy life now, without forgetting, of course, the fact that they are far from single. Don't be reserved, respond positively to most suggestions, since you need to be active, otherwise Mercury will easily empty your pockets and your soul.

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