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For most of the Zodiac signs, February 2018 will be a turning point. Right now many will have to make a serious choice, and although the general dynamics of the period are unlikely to differ from the attitude which there was in January. Nevertheless, this is already a completely different stage. In this regard few will only scatter stones, it will already be necessary to gather them a little bit at a time, even to think about what we wanted to move towards, and what happened in the end. The position of the Sun will remain dominant and will even get stronger, as the daylight grows. Mars will now come to the aid of the ruler of the heavenly dome, and though he will be surprisingly calm, in the end his support will nudge you towards the right decisions. Exactly this - how accurately we weigh up the pros and cons - will influence the resolution of fundamental situations. It's hard to say to what extent this will be a favorable time. In this regard there will be many days which are successful, bright, and capable of giving each one of us not only a good attitude, but also real bonuses, even in the area of finances. However, it must be pointed out immediately that you should put the main emphasis on the area of personal relationships, because in emotions will dominate here (virtually the whole year). No critical mistake will result in a collapse now, but that doesn't mean you can mess up every which way. On the contrary, right now you would do better to make as little movement as possible if you are not confident in your actions.

The additional patrons ("celestial leaders") will give you significant support in February 2018. However, at this stage the Element of Fire will be alone - more specifically, these signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will rely on only themselves and their traditional heavenly helpers. This situation can't be called negative, you will just have to pull up your socks at certain moments. Elements of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will have Venus at their disposal, and although at this stage the dynamics of this planet will leave a lot to be desired, there will definitely be an advantage. Water signs will be able to control themselves and their desires better than others. Of course, they won't turn into robots, but often it will really be a lot easier for them. Now when it comes to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who will be aided by Saturn, the situation will unfold in exactly the opposite way. Signs of the element of Earth will rely on reason and logical promises more than on emotions and feelings. In most situations this will help them, but you shouldn't go too far, because despite all the obvious basic principles, February 2018 will be quite a flexible time, and it will rightfully require flexibility from you and us alike. In a critical situation, the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) can rely completely on their celestial leader, the Moon, which will not be particularly strong right now, but its influence will help sharpen the "sixth sense", which is always a plus.

On the whole, February 2018 will prove to be more dynamic than the preceding stage, but the next months will only disperse the general dynamic, so you shouldn't pay too much attention to this aspect. Of course, many things will change, some even quite radically, but this is no reason to panic, because, ideally we should be ready for everything. If the situation has caught us unawares, this is probably our own fault, which means that we overlooked something or missed something. And if we take into account the fact that the sensual sphere will be dominant in this regard, it is logical to presume that the packages of developments taking place now will arise specifically from this area. It's important to note that the current period is unlikely to become critical for anyone. Even if negative trends present themselves, they will be quite abstract or the only potential, and we will have time to deal with them in any case. It should also be pointed out that the signs which are patronized by Pluto and Jupiter can be relaxed, because this rather powerful duo will decide to cross the barricade and take the opposite side. You just need to be ready for this, and if we can keep a sober view on things, no complexities will be able to stop us from achieving what we've planned. As already mentioned, in February there will be many favorable days, which tend towards successful financial operations and important decisions within the family.

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