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In June 2018, solar energy will be dominant, but its impact will not be so dynamic, especially if we consider that the second most important celestial body (in terms of the degree of its influence) is the mysterious Eris. In brief, it is better to spend this month on vacation or relaxing in any available ways. Of course, taking a vacation or relaxing to the fullest are the options that might not be available to everyone. However, it is not even required to follow this recommendation to the fullest. It is more than enough just to make sure that you are not overworking or not jumping in over your head. At this stage, it is important to save some energy without spending it, taking into account that by this time the majority of current tasks will be finished (while new goals will still be in the stage of forming). In general, this is a good time, especially for those who decided to establish some order within their families. June will be productive both for singles and for those who are happily blessed by close relationships. Here, you should not hesitate even making some big decisions. But, let us say it one more time: you don't need to be overly active doing anything, otherwise everything will turn against you. It is good to rest in the company of friends in natural settings, or to get out of town at for least a couple of days. It is a good thing to do throughout your whole life, but in June 2018 it will turn into a necessity for those overly-ambitious people who are really focused on their aims and promising plans.

This month, only Air element representatives (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be deprived of "heavenly leader". But, do not regard this in an overly-negative light, focusing all your attention on it. With all other things being equal, these signs will have to try just a little bit more in trying to achieve anything, although the difference in the amount of effort will be almost imperceptible. Meanwhile, Fire element representatives, such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, can boast of having a very strong additional patron: flaming celestial warrior Mars, which is capable of crushing any obstacle, will be acting on their side. This means that Fire sign representatives should not spend too much time dragging their feet, but should instead act in the most decisive way possible. It will be very difficult to find a balance between this statement and the general statements of the horoscope. But it is quite possible to do. Earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will receive special bonuses in the field of personal relationships because of Moon, their "heavenly leader". It is difficult to say how strong the impact of this heavenly object will be, but one can anticipate some unexpected advantages to emerge in seemingly desperate situations. Ceres will help out water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), and this is where the most unpredictable things might end up happening. The only thing clear is that you should not rush making any decisions;, you should try to think over all the possible moves in advance, and the rest should be left in God's hands.

June 2018 will not be as active as we would like it to be. But, in reality, most of the events that could have happened would have ended up hurting our chances of achieving something. Understanding will come later; now, there is no need to be bothered by some moral, ethical or profound philosophical problems. This time is good because now you can start enjoying your life, easily avoiding ambiguous situations. The stars strongly encourage choosing a familiar option in any scenario. Despite the fact that the period may look like adventurous one, it is not worth risking anything. The circumstances provide us with too many variables, which are completely impossible to take into account. It is still important to understand issues that have been bothering us for a while. We will now have enough time and energy to stop the development of any conflict. It is a sin not to use such a skill, in particular for the public good. No one will blame us for some selfish acts sliding in, but it is unlikely that we truly feel happy enjoying all the benefits by ourselves. It should be mentioned separately that due to Pluto's unfavorable position, all the secret motives and intrigues would quickly float right to the surface, causing significant damage to the person who came up with them. Sincerity and straightforwardness are not just welcome, they are obligatory. These are two of the few qualities that can bring peace and joy to our homes. It will be better to demonstrate these qualities, rather than running from something just of out ignorance. In general, it is definitely not worth hurrying, either with conclusions nor actions. Fate itself will bring a lot of changes into your life; you just need to make sure that these changes have benefited not only yourself. Also, it is necessary to avoid ambiguities, especially in your words, because of Moon's unfavorable location (regarding your sign), or you might experience some difficulties in the future.

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