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On the eve of the winter season, not every sign of the Zodiac will be able to maintain strong-willed stamina and emotional independence. Although, in November 2018 this trait will not be treated as a hindrance or an obvious vulnerability but as a natural state of affairs. Now, it is fair to trust your instincts, but it is necessary to act in a thoughtful way according to a pre-established plan. A distinctive feature of November is that at this time two energetically strong and yet opposing celestial objects, Venus and Mars, will be helping us. Their opposition is the reason behind the inability to say which of your strategies will be victorious and which will not. In general, the period is good for development, now it is good to accelerate as much as possible to keep on building up inertia toward of the end of the year. November will be the last chance to realize something truly large-scale. You can try choosing either systematic or very risky way trying to develop the working direction. Risking will mean choosing your own path, which will be radically different from everything that is happening around. The positions of different signs will differ in relation to personal issues: some will be luckier and get a little more, some will be less lucky and receive less. In general, this is a good time to start a new relationship, and even better one to restore ties in old ones. However, avoid relying on communication, diplomatic abilities and charisma too much in trying to fix your personal problems. In fact, this month it will be much easier to solve certain problems by applying brute force and aggression. Also make sure to remain careful when doing this.

In November 2018 the only signs to be left without an additional patron will be representatives of the Fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). This is not a problem, but in a critical situation the members of these signs need to be cautious, avoid getting into trouble needlessly, and do not take risks without good reason. For the signs of the Water element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Mercury will play the role of "heavenly leader", a quite unusual occasion. Nevertheless, the advantages of such outcomes are obvious: Water sign representatives will receive exceptional advantages at work, especially if they can deal with some pressing issues on time. Mercury's help will be equally useful for both novice and experienced businessmen. Air element representatives (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will be under Mars's protection. It is as it is: the "red planet" will be dominating the celestial bend this month, as well as playing the role of patron for Air signs. This is certainly a good thing to have happen, because those Mars-protected signs will receive a lot of strength and energy. You will have plenty of time and energy for implementing anything being planned, and the rest will depend on how confident and capable you are. As for the signs of the Earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), in November they will be assisted by Uranus. This is a very specific heavenly patron whose position may be ambiguous, but his help will be persistent and large-scale in situations where it is provided. Earth signs will surely feel this boiling energy filling them at the very beginning of the stage, and it is up to them to decide what needs to be done with this energy.

It is worth noting the Moon is one of the celestial objects that will be interfering rather than helping in the successful completion of things during November 2018. Unfortunately, now the younger sister of the Sun will actually contribute to the development of negative trends. This is an important thing to be taken into account, because her influence is going to be great. Do not underestimate the warnings and the signs of fate visible around you. This is important not only for your own well-being, but also for a successful negotiation of circumstances involving our friends and relatives. Negative things happening will affect as many people, places and events as possible. That is why in November it is better to avoid any foreseeable conflicts, even the most seemingly insignificant ones. It is common knowledge that a difficult situation is easier to prevent than to solve. This conventional wisdom will be of special importance for us at this stage. Despite the things mentioned here, this period can be treated as positive one, and positive energy clearly dominates here. Just make sure to be careful with your judgments and decisions.

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