Scorpio Horoscope for November 2018

November 2018 Horoscope Scorpio

Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio for November 2018

Monthly November 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Scorpio

November 2018 can be an exemplary period for Scorpios - bright, strong and dynamic, because of this sign's ruling planet, Mars, will grant special advantages this month that cannot be ignored by you. However, keep in mind that, strictly speaking, not everything will be perfect; there will be some moments which you have to put special emphasis on. First, if you want to achieve whatever you want, you should not get embarrassed, stall, or stop on the way to victory because of some moral and ethical concerns. This is an uncompromising time: it literally divides the world around you into "inside my circle" and "outside my circle", into "black" and "white", and other options are unacceptable. The stars advise you to be persistent, but do not turn to being stubborn or cruel. Fanaticism, as usual, will not bring anything positive to you. If you want to get a new position or someone's attention, try as hard as you can and declare your intentions as soon as possible. The more openly and straightforwardly you act, the more successful your enterprise will be. This applies to both business and personal relationships. The very end of this fall month can also turn into a sentimental period for your sign. This is a good time to ask for someone's forgiveness, or grant that forgiveness to someone else. Even if it is a complex, murky and difficult situation, and you are not sure whether you should go to meet this person, the stars recommend showing mercy, a trait of truly strongly-spirited people.

If we talk in more detail about the work direction, it is worth repeating that in November 2018 not everything will follow in exact accordance with Scorpio's plans. However, hold on before getting upset over this, because your plans were not ideal anyway. You should not blame yourself for this - it is just the way it is due to the overall dynamics of the period. What was relevant at the previous stage has no value during this period. The main thing is to get a hold of yourself starting from the very first days of the month. Fight when needed but avoid using all your ammunition in these efforts. Because, as they say in China, the best fight is the one that never happens. Second, you definitely need to keep a couple of aces up your sleeve, otherwise you will fail to surprise your opponent at the crucial moment of the game/battle. So, if you work for yourself, do not rush, throwing all your resources into the battle. Develop in a dynamic but still gradual way. By the way, China was not mentioned previously by pure accident: this month is especially good for learning some Eastern philosophy. It does not matter who you will end up studying, whether it is Confucius or Lao Tzu. However, stay away from Feng Shui or any similar type of fashionable, esoteric "studies". It is hard to say how this will help you, but this advice has already been given, and it will be prudent to follow or at least to try following it. If you do not have your own business, you can seriously think about starting one. No pressure; just, from the astrological point of view, this period is good for any dynamic developments. You can focus all your efforts and thoughts on the desired position, but make sure to be twice as careful in order not to miss the opportunity that interests you (this opportunity might be hidden, and reveal itself subtly).

The love sphere will allow you to engage in a number of adventures. Everything will come down to whether you want those adventures to happen to you, and to what extent you need them to happen, from an objective point of view. In fact, this task has only one solution, although it may seem different at first glance. Moreover, as already mentioned, the decline of the autumn season will be unequivocally uncompromising for the representatives of your sign. The main thing is not to rush in drawing conclusions, and make decisions cold-heartedly, not being distracted by troubles related to your instincts or senses. Those Scorpios with significant others by their side need to stabilize their relationships by any means. It might turn into a huge headache if it is not being fixed now. However, if everything is okay, don't stress too much - you should stay true to yourself, and luck will necessarily "follow". If we are talking about a person who does not have a romantic partner at this life stage, you can definitely rely on help from the stars in the search for that "one and only" person. Just do not search mindlessly; analyze your desires and choose the best options for their implementation. In general, this is the ideal time to resolve some old conflicts that might have been already forgotten, but have left an annoying feeling of being incomplete somewhere deep inside your heart. Do not be afraid of behaving in a sensitive and even sentimental way; this type of behavior will help in resolving the aforementioned conflicts.

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