Pisces Horoscope for October 2018

October 2018 Horoscope Pisces

Monthly Horoscope for Pisces for October 2018

Monthly October 2018 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Pisces

Pisces will have only one assistant, Ceres, in October 2018, but its support will be more than enough for solving all of your pressing problems. You should not be persuaded by some of your "good friends" into leaving everything as it is or postponing the all-important issue for some later time. In fact, now you will have everything you need to deal with those problems, and the only thing missing is self-confidence. You need to get yourself together and look bravely towards your future, not letting anyone interfere with your progress. Some confusing situations might emerge, but they will not bring anything overly negative to you if you make sure to act in a reasonable and consistent way. In the field of personal relationships, it will be very useful to be persistent and confident, especially if you have strong desire to change something. You must satisfy such needs as quickly as possible, or they risk turning into a problem. It is important to understand that in general this period is uniquely positive for you, but you have to be able to correctly combine static periods with the periods of intense activity. Hardly anyone can provide you with good advice, so do not expect any from outside. You should also avoid acting in an overly heroic way: act in a conscious way, and without being overly pathetic. Ceres does not understand such behavior, thus you can easily lose her support.

Pisces will definitely have a little bit of stress in relation to the working sphere, but the good thing is that you know where you feel stress is where you should try to work a little harder - you instincts will help you to define that direction. Ceres will make sure you keep your senses alert, although at first you may not understand it. Nevertheless, if you have your own business and you are not sure where your competitors might attack you (figuratively speaking), you should trust your gut - they will prompt you in the right direction. Also, do not rush in trying to expand your business. Not because you might fail to do it, but because there is a much better period ahead of you when you will be much more successful in implementing those kinds of changes. This period is better for keeping your positions stable and making slow progress. It is a purely rhetorical question to guess whether you succeed or fail at doing it - everything will depend on the level of your expertise and motivation. By the way, try to look around as often as possible in order to get motivated, because you can learn a lot by simply observing someone else's actions. This advice is also important for "dependent" Pisces. However, make sure to evaluate the situation as a whole. Take a closer look at your leadership's attitude, carefully analyze your own potential and the opportunities for further development. If you are not okay with something, it is better to say so now. It is also better to start acting now, or you risk losing motivation later and remaining in the same position instead of advancing it.

Nothing like that will happen in relation to the personal sphere. You will not end up in a spot that is not suitable for you under any circumstances. You will find that the situation itself will be in your favor, or you will decide to change something, or everything will be in the way it should be! October 2018 does not impose on Pisces any conceptual restrictions. You can act absolutely freely, just do not forget that luck usually likes to hang out at the intersection of possible and impossible. You will be really lucky and quite successful at seeing this exact moment and stopping right at that "intersection". Pisces with families should follow any impulse to go out somewhere with their household members. Even if everything comes up suddenly and goes against your pre-planned activities, you should still dedicate time to those who are dear to you. You also need to relax, and sometimes spontaneity is vitally important for us, because we tend to forget about it in our "concrete jungles", where everything is over-regulated and runs according to strict timetables. Single Pisces are also encouraged to liberate themselves in both emotional and spiritual aspects. By the way, Pisces is one of those few signs for whom spiritual growth is recommended during second fall month. Yoga, meditation, religion - everything that your heart desires! Just stay away from being overly committed to something; although your sign is not predisposed to that type of behavior, you cannot be one hundred percent confident. This time can bring you a lot, just be careful and don't overload yourself with other people's problems.

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