August 2020 Horoscope Pisces

August 2020 Horoscope Pisces

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

After an emotional goodbye in the last month, August changes everything for you, Pisces. In fact, you’re likely to notice that everything looks and feels a bit alien this month, especially during the full moon on the 3rd. What else could you expect when you pull fantasy down into reality? You’ve always been one to embrace the strange and unusual, so cross your fingers for mid-July. Concentrate hard enough, and you just might contact something beyond this realm. Even if you’re not into the extraterrestrial, August will give you just the emotional control you need to teleport your dreams into real life.

The Full Moon on the 3rd takes place in your twelfth house – the domain of all things unseen. This includes secrets, dreams, intuition, and the things that are transpiring beyond your consciousness. In Aquarius, this lunation brings an air of detachment. This house is strongly connected to our sleeping patterns, but you’re unlikely to get any rest with the electricity coming through nonstop.

It’s like you’re suddenly aware of everything you’ve put on hold the past six months, and you’re ready to take an objective look at the consequences. Your fins are glowing with potential solutions. At the same time, your heightened intuition is ready to guide you through the mess into clearer waters.

This full moon makes a square to Uranus, so prepare for a rude awakening or some sort of unexpected message. If you’ve done all you can to make things right, don’t dwell on words that sting.

After Mercury enters Leo and your sixth house on the 4th, you seriously need to distance yourself from any arguments or disagreements. Conflict isn’t good for your health, and you can easily grow to resent wasted time on disputes. Instead, seek out opportunities to serve and look after others. This will teach you the virtue of patience and give you the serenity to dismiss quarrels.

Venus enters your fifth house of creativity and romance on the 7th. With the planet of artistry in fellow water sign Cancer, your hidden talents are finally revealed.

Still, you’re yearning to learn even more ways to express yourself and breathe life into the rich world of your imagination. Vesta enters Leo and your fourth house of home and family on the 11th. Paired with the last quarter moon in Taurus, your need to be needed by others is on full display. For the rest of the month, it will important for you to honor your heart’s desires while also taking care of your own needs.

Strangely enough, if you insist on sacrificing your own desires to support everyone else, bitterness and resentment will take hold. Plus, no one enjoys being smothered or hanging around a clingy individual.

You need to re-focus your love on yourself and your own inner sanctuary, particularly around the 12th. With taskmaster Saturn making a quintile to Chiron, you are aware of your problems – now it’s up to you to find a solution for them. It might be a good idea to reconcile issues with a father figure or another authority figure in your life.

Uranus invites you to take a new route and connect with a new community when he stations retrograde on the 15th. Over the next five months, you won’t have any trouble stumbling upon wild discoveries that tie into how you utilize technology.

August 18th is an important date in your domestic life. In fact, the New Moon in Leo could even bring an unexpected move or some spur-of-the-moment home improvement. Take some time to clean up your home and personal space. You’ll be surprised by the creative juices that come through once you’ve had a chance to declutter your environment! As a bonus, you’ll be hearing your intuition even louder than before, so listen to the voice inside when it does speak up.

You might be having a bit of a hard time around the 22nd thanks to the Sun’s ingress into your polar opposite – Virgo. This is the time to clean up any messes in your seventh house of marriage, relationships, and one-on-one ties. Although you aren’t usually one to bother with the nitty-gritty details, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do if you want your partnerships to work.

During the last week of the month, you’re being asked to review your agreements and commitments. Once you break out the microscope, you can easily craft a strategy that works for you.

On the 25th, you have the first quarter moon in Sagittarius and your tenth house of public reputation and life’s work. Your mantra here is “Have faith.” This is time to notice the support of your roots and break through the soil above. Stop at nothing to follow through with your true intentions!

As you move into September, you drop the existential loneliness you’ve been carrying and realize how protected you are.

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