December 2020 Horoscope Pisces

December 2020 Horoscope Pisces

December 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

Sweet, gentle, kind Pisces, this is your month to be a free-wheeling high-roller, at least at the beginning of the month. With the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius in your solar 10th house, this is a time of joy and freedom in your career and your public image. Your mental energy will be well-placed at this time to bring you success or progress in your career. Take advantage of this to project your kindness to others, strengthening your reputation.

While Scorpios tend to be the most mysterious sign, Pisces also has a tendency to play a few cards close to their chest. As such, this focus on your 10th house will be a welcomed opportunity to ensure those around you know who you really are, and to dispel any misunderstandings at work.

Love and money will likely feel dramatic and profound at the beginning of December with Venus in Scorpio in your solar 9th house. Your feelings might direct you far out of your comfort zone, and you might spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the meaning of love and finances.

Mars is happily at home in Aries this month, providing us all with confidence and possibly creating some less-than-tactful moments. With Mars in your solar 2nd house, you will likely feel some aggression and forcefulness around the ways you make money and your current possessions (whether that be people or objects). The dreaminess of Venus in the 9th house will hopefully help balance out the boldness of Mars in your 2nd house.

Ride out the second week of December with something fun and artistic (even if you don’t plan to finish it). Relax when things seem obfuscated. Rally on December 10th and 11th with Venus sextile Pluto, bringing some much-needed change to your love or financial situation. Take the Sun trine Mars in stride and relish the alignment of your energy and self. On December 12th, Mars is sextile the North Node, letting you plan your long-term goals and think about your future legacy. Mercury will square Neptune on December 13th, so you might feel some of your focus drift away. Don’t try to force it, just let yourself rest.

Keep the focus on your career through the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th. Falling in your solar 10th house, you will be able to put a lot of thought into your past career choices, the way other people see you, and your future endeavors. This will likely come to you easily and hopefully, you can make some decisions in the days to come. Try not to make a lot of big decisions on the 14th with Venus sextile Jupiter, causing us to get riled up, and Mercury opposition the North Node, making our long-term planning a little fuzzy.

On the 15th you can put your reflective discoveries from the New Moon to use. Venus will enter Sagittarius in your 10th house, making you playful and adventurous when it comes to career, money, love, and reputation. Keep your goals top of mind and you will be helped toward them by Venus sextile Saturn and Mercury trine Mars. With this combination, you will hopefully feel like reaching your career aspirations is easy and graceful.

On December 17th and December 19th, Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius in your solar 12th house. You will likely be drawn to lead and work with people and focus on the future, but this might not be done in the spotlight. You might find yourself working hard behind the scenes and bringing important information to light. Give yourself a break and remember that to err is human.

Serious contemplation of your hopes, dreams, and friendships will begin on the eve of winter as we enter Capricorn season. Your mind and identity will be aligned in your pursuits but be careful not to get too bogged down in this. The Sun and Mercury will be working together to help you work hard and stay focused, so your ability to achieve is bolstered. Use this energy to transition into a seamless, creative end to the month.

You might start the fourth week of December feeling a little unhappy, but December 25th you will hopefully have a feeling of comfort with your own originality. Inspiration, and maybe even serendipity, might hit during the rest of the week.

December 30th will bring the Full Moon in Cancer, letting strong emotions bubble up and get released in a creative burst. Let yourself feel safe at home and in your mind. Create something you feel strongly about and you will end the year on a high note.

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