June 2020 Horoscope Pisces

June 2020 Horoscope Pisces

June 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

This June your love life, creativity, and inspiration are in overdrive, Pisces. Two prominent eclipses teach you that working hard doesn’t mean you can’t play hard too! In fact, when you revisit an abandoned hobby or past flame around mid-month, you’re overflowing with ideas about how to combine what you love with what you do. The responses and feedback you receive may surprise you though. After all, you’re slated for an unexpected conversation that triggers a childhood wound or two. Try not to take things so personally; not everyone is out to get you. If you look hard enough, you’re likely to find your worst enemy is yourself. That’s why in June it’s important to surround yourself with supportive energies that encourage you to let your guard down.

Frequently, you find yourself lost in the crowd and unsure of the role you play. This uncomfortable alien feeling is highlighted on the 1st when your co-ruler Jupiter expands the healing wounds of Chiron. In your interactions with groups, you tend to feel insecure about your independence and ability to provide safety for yourself.

Because you naturally absorb the energies around you, it’s no surprise you’re questioning your identity. This “lost” feeling and subtle disappointment in yourself is rooted in childhood wounds that jeopardized your self-worth.

No matter how tempting it sounds, try to avoid isolation. When you have a friendly company around, it will become easier to solve the problems that plague you. This is especially true on the 2nd when Pallas stations retrograde in your eleventh house.

Tap into the power of the collective, and you’ll find strength in numbers.

While you’re at it, tap into your inner child and starry visions too. Particularly around the 3rd, you’re yearning for playful escapes and intoxicating romance. Vesta shines a sacred flame on your house of passion all month, activating your muse and the desire for uninterrupted pleasure. Everything you do creatively this June will be infused with your unique light-bearing essence.

That being said, be careful not to lose yourself in your own fantasy world. On June 5th, a Full Moon lunar eclipse in your tenth house aims to teach you a thing or two about community responsibility and communicating your intentions. If you let your insecurities get in the way, you’ll find yourself sidetracked and traveling down a negative spiral. This is not the time to fear going backwards. On the contrary, retracing your steps is a necessary part of the learning process. You should re-evaluate the work you’ve put into your goals and look for any tools you may have misplaced on your path.

On the 10th, a surprise awaits you. It seems an unexpected message is on the way to truly test your sense of self-worth.

Don’t get it twisted; the Universe doesn’t have a personal vendetta against you. It’s just the nature of Uranus to introduce some static into the equation. Do your best to learn from this exchange so it doesn’t repeat in the future.

Even with the most positive outlook, mid-month brings a frustrating withdrawal of creative energy. You’re plagued by procrastination and creative stalling, but this is no reason to beat yourself up. After all, what else could you expect with Mercury retrograde in your fifth house? From the 18th through the next three weeks, your ideas might need more time to ferment. The key to avoiding these blockages is to stop comparing yourself to others.

Maybe you’re just distracted. That would come as no surprise considering the Sun’s ingress into your house of passion and romance. Sometimes a bit of relaxation and comfort is all you need to reconnect with your artistic abilities.

Although, you might get more than just comfort on the 21st. If you’re single, the New Moon solar eclipse in your fifth house of love drops a dreamy new prospect into your lap. Partnered Pisceans inspire their lovers by following their heart and living carefree.

This eclipse brings also a release of secret doubts and confusion. There’s no need to torture yourself any longer. Practice the art of alchemy by blending your imagination and passions with your more practical goals and plans.

Align your expectations with reality, but don’t give up on something just because it’s difficult. The end of the month is an exercise in accepting your limitations with love. The Universe is on your side, even as your ruler Neptune stations retrograde on the 23rd. Trust in the process and believe in the dream; just don’t forget to put in the work!

Getting things done is no problem by the 30th. Indeed, June ends with a motivational conjunction between your co-ruler Jupiter and powerful Pluto, replenishing your sense of awareness and righting your sense of direction. The more you concentrate on your essential truth this month, the more magic you’ll take with you into July.

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