November 2020 Horoscope Pisces

November 2020 Horoscope Pisces

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

Although the past few weeks have been full to the brim with contradictions and distressing complications, the waters begin to settle around the 3rd. That’s because Mercury, the planet of communication and mentality, stations direct in Libra to restore some sort of cosmic balance to the playing field.

In your eighth house of sex, death, taxes, and joint resources, Mercury is ready to show you what you have so you can get a better perspective on what others are willing to offer. Of course, this will require taking a bit of an inventory of the past; you’re likely to find all sorts of useful ideas you can sort out.

Everyone will be feeling a bit of your Pisces energy after the 9th when Ceres enters your sign and your first house. Whether you like it or not, people are inclined to see you as a mother figure now – a source of nurturing or nourishment. This isn’t really a new thing for you since so many emotionally needy people gravitate toward you already, but you’ll definitely notice how much extra attention you attract after mid-month. This is a great combination for artistic endeavors and heart-centered creativity.

After the 10th, your thoughts are even more expansive and broad. With Mercury traveling through Scorpio and your ninth house, long-distance trips of the mental and physical sort are on the horizon.

You’re putting things into perspective over the next few weeks, perhaps facilitated by a few conversations with someone far away. Regardless of where you find the bigger picture, you’re venturing outside your normal thought process in a deep and profound way.

You’ll need to watch out for forgetting or neglecting the details during this transit though.

Details or no details, you’re ready to take a stand on something around the 12th although you might not be sure what about. Your co-ruler Jupiter meets up with Pluto in Capricorn this day for the third time this year, asking you to take a look at the world of your eleventh house. That means friends, groups, organizations, and social leanings are up for review.

Your possessions too need a second look around this time. When Mars stations direct in Aries and your second house on the 13th, you need to increase your ability to follow through.

As the fiery planet of action finally moves forward, it’s time to concentrate your efforts on your earned income. Right now you need to trust your intuition about what projects are worth the trouble and let anything else go for good. This way you can channel your energy into what’s important rather than distracting yourself with more than you can possibly handle at once.

Once you let go of what’s muddying things up, you’ll be ready to embrace the new cycle that November 15th brings you. That night the new moon in Scorpio tags your ninth house to expand your world far beyond the regular you’ve grown used to. Although you need to keep your limits in mind, you can adopt a new project now as long as it feeds your imagination and renews your faith in life.

Maybe that new project is just a vacation or a meaningful trip somewhere new. You’re probably daydreaming about something along those lines after the 21st anyway thanks to the influence of Venus in Scorpio and your ninth house.

Simultaneously, the Sun enters your tenth house to shed a light on your career and status sector.

Over the next month, you are focused on something important that emphasizes your place in the world and the public sphere, but you’re bound to be a little more sensitive too. Be gentle with yourself and with members of the authority, but make sure to make your stand.

Your mind, body, and spirit receive a refreshing baptism on the 28th when your ruling planet Neptune stations direct in your own sign and your first house. With this transcendent energy in your domain of self, you’re highly attuned to the energies around you even if it causes you to appear a bit changeable. You’re mysterious without even trying right now, so your poker face is impenetrable.

November 30th brings a full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini and your fourth house of family and home. As a karmic house that deals with our roots and our past, this is a great time to seek insight about where you came from and where you’re heading.

As you move into December, it’s important to strike a balance between the energy you spend on your public life and the energy you spend privately. Right now, focus on achieving balance and effectively prioritizing your home and work life. If you can clean up around the house and open the windows for a bit, you’ll be walking out of the month with a renewed source of energy that grounds your feeling of sanctuary.

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