September 2020 Horoscope Pisces

September 2020 Horoscope Pisces

September 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

To make the most of September, you’re going to want to push yourself, Pisces. As we all know, you’re more sensitive to outside energies than any other signs which means you can absorb emotions that aren’t even your own. This month is a reminder that you must separate other people’s feelings from your own perceptions.

To start off September, a mystical Full Moon in your own sign culminates on the 2nd. This is a total magnification of your own secret abilities, especially because your ruling planet Neptune is involved. Whatever god or spiritual power you identify with, this moon shines a dreamy spotlight on your power to connect with the divine and the collective and yourself. Look around, Pisces – it isn’t you against the world. Although you may well feel like an outsider thanks to Uranus’ aspects to the moon and the Virgo Sun, this is the perfect combination for a breakthrough or awakening. Don’t let a fear of being different stop you from being who the Universe intended.

As for things you can do to facilitate this breakthrough: connect with nature, open the windows, and draw on the power of the Earth. This will clear your psychic faculties and flood you with peace.

The space this stillness creates allows you to pick up on all sorts of hidden cues around the 5th as Mercury enters Libra and your eighth house.

When Venus ingresses into Leo the very next day, she shines a loving spotlight on your sixth house of health, service, and daily work. With this newfound light source, what grand solutions can you see? Exercise your creativity when it comes to your routine and the mundane details of life.

After Mars stations retrograde in your second house of earned income on the 9th, you’ll need to avoid making drastic financial decisions. Over the next 8-10 weeks, you’re likely to be confronted with unexpected expenses and glaring budget miscalculations. You could even lose a source of income during this transit, so try to prepare yourself for at least a few financial hiccups.

Keep in mind, this could play out separately from your money and hit you directly in your self-confidence instead. In this case, accept whatever uncertainties you’re feeling, but don’t compromise on your values or you’ll only dig yourself into a hole.

Intense good fortune is in your future once your co-ruler Jupiter stations direct on the 12th. By the time his transit through your tenth house is over, you’ll experience a brilliant change in status. Thanks to this influence, your popularity is heightened through the rest of the year, and you’re suddenly maturing into a brand-new role – whether that means job advancements and promotions or public recognition for your true talents. Regardless, you’ll secure the best momentum if you can think like a Capricorn and strategize your long game.

Even if you think you know what you want out of your life’s work, this is a great time to journal your goals or construct a vision board. After all, you can’t take a step-by-step approach to your journey unless you can decide on a destination.

New Moons almost always bring fresh starts and new beginnings; the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th is no exception. On the side, you’ll be getting a double dose of harsh reality in your seventh house of partnerships, especially with the Sun and Moon’s collective opposition to your ruling planet Neptune. While it might be hard to look at the facts of the matter when your heart or loyalty is involved but deluding yourself right now would only bring more heartache.

Take a practical and disciplined approach to your relationships, and you’ll be surprised how much your partners are willing to work with you. Think of mutual support.

You can count on your definition of support that would be completely transformed around the 20th when Juno the asteroid of marriage enters Scorpio. This transit penetrates your ninth house of wisdom and higher learning, so it’s possible you’ll commit yourself to a new educational pursuit or a foreign journey.

Personal growth and regeneration should be points of focus for you for the next month or so when the Sun enters Libra and your eighth house on the 22nd.

You’re expanding your knowledge and communications with someone or something far away around the 27th. Not only does chatty Mercury enter your ninth house of wisdom and philosophy, but Ceres also backtracks into your twelfth house of the unknown. Get outside your bubble the last week of September, dear Pisces.

A little bluntly, Saturn stations direct on the 29th to remind you that it’s impossible to achieve your dreams if you don’t open up to work with others.

The taskmaster takes a good hard look at your eleventh house of friendships and social networks as you approach crisp October, but it’s a necessary refinement of your support crew.

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