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today December 17, 2017 horoscope

Sun sign Horoscope for today Sunday December 17, 2017.

Horoscope for today December 17, 2017

Venus and Mars make an awkward connection today, and we may be feeling at odds with ourselves and with those around us. Our longing for emotional security may be at odds with our hunger to experience life to its fullest. The moon in fiery Sagittarius can help us to find meaning in our feelings, prompting us to look beyond our individual concerns and see the broader picture.

December 17, 2017 Horoscope

Aries Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

You may be feeling a pull today between a desire to connect with and understand other people, and an urge to put all your energy into your individual ambitions. Finding a balance between the two can be rewarding, as long as you avoid the temptation to force a confrontation with those who don't see the world the same way you do.

Taurus Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

You might be wanting an easy life today, relaxing with your loved ones and enjoying the pleasures of life. However those close to you may have different ideas. If you find this frustrating, don't dig your heels in, as stubbornness will only lead to more frustration. Try to find a balance between acting and relaxing, for example by each suggesting an activity for part of the day.

Gemini Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

Today is likely to be a day for conversations about feelings and about your relationship. Don't be frustrated if you seem to be having the same conversation over and over again, sometimes working through all your thoughts takes time and you will get there in the end. Looking at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the detail will help.

Cancer Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

Your emotions are able to fuel your connection to others today, and you are likely to be getting on well with those around you. The conversations you have today may show you a different view of the world and show you new ways to spread your wings. Try to take a practical approach rather than getting lost in your imagination.

Leo Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

Today is a good day for both creativity and connecting, and you may find that some of your creations – both physical and figurative – help you to move forward on your chosen path. A new romance may seem full of promise, so enjoy the ride even if it doesn't last forever. Even short relationships can change who we are!

Virgo Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

It's a good day to spend at home today, talking with your loved ones and catching up on what's happening in your lives. You may be sharing familiar ideas or even talking about old times. Either way, it can help to you feels more secure and renews your sense of rootedness in the world.

Libra Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

Today is a good day for socializing and sharing your ideas with others. If you are studying, group work may be especially effective today, as long as everyone gets a chance to have their say. You are able to build bridges and make connections, keeping the peace so that everyone can work well together.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

You are likely to be especially focused today, able to draw on your inner resources of power and make great progress with your goals. Try not to get frustrated with those whose concerns seem more trivial than yours. It's a good day for reviewing your finances and for tapping into a new source of wealth and abundance.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

It's likely that you are busy today, moving back and forth between different projects and groups of people. You probably thrive on such activity, but try not to get carried away and lose track of what you are doing. Give yourself space to acknowledge your feelings as well as your need for constant action.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

Whilst you have a strong sense of your inner power and drive today, you may feel like you are not able to fully engage it or to move ahead. Instead, take some time to look within and see what treasures are revealed by really acknowledging your innermost feelings. It's a day to recharge your batteries rather than for hard work.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

You are likely to be in your comfort zone today, using your original thinking and inventiveness to contribute to a group project. Try not to get dogmatic about how things should be done, or to take control, as others may have suggestions and ideas which are completely new to you. Give each individual, yourself included, a chance to shine!

Pisces Daily Horoscope
December 17, 2017

You may be feeling confused about your career today, especially if you have a vocation to care for others. It may be that responding to the feelings of others all the time is leaving you unable to connect with your own feelings, so take some time out if you need to and you'll go back to your work feeling reinvigorated.

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